David Ferris Calls Freedom of the Press Radio and Says Ex-Wife Falsely Accusing Him, Says Runaway Daughter Wants to Live w/Him

The Sacramento Shield

David Ferris called into the Dec. 15 Freedom of the Press Radio broadcast and denied the emotional, physical, mental abuse — and sexual — and instead said it was his wife, Susan Ferris, who now sits in a Sacramento County jail on a contempt charge for not having their runaway daughter show up in court, who committed all of those things. The radio archive of the Dec. 15 show can be found here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fotpradio/2011/12/16/placer-county-threatens-susan-ferris-wjail-shreds-rights

The last 30 minutes of the program contain the David Ferris material. He agreed to call into the Friday, Dec. 16 show as well. That link is here:

The original story from Susan Ferris can be found below:

Susan Ferris, our guest on tonight’s FOTP Radio Show, was thrown in jail after her runaway daughter could not be found and show up to court in Sacramento County, California. Judge Matthew J. Gary, after swearing in…

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