The Inter-Net Is Being Cast Over America




“A national architecture…”

“This is the largest telecommunications project in the history
of the United States.
It’s going to cover every square meter of land
in the United States.
It’s going to be able to penetrate the basements
of Manhattan,
and cover the forest fires in the Sierra Nevada.”

–Sam Ginn, National Telecommunications And Information Admin.
First Responder Network Authority – Chairman,
Speaking at the Feb. 2013 NGA meeting


The private association called the “National Governor’s Association (NGA)” recently got together in Washington D.C. for its annual meeting. Yes, in case you didn’t know about this, our Governors indeed meet outside of the 50 states united under a non-governmental and no-profit private association to discuss, plan, and implement national and international policies and programs like Agenda 21.

One of its topics at this last meeting was about something called “First Net” – something that…

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