Parent Expectations of Caseworkers in Legitimate CPS Cases| Children and Family Research Center

Parent Expectations of Caseworkers

 Children and Family Research Center School of Social Work

Source:  Poertner, John, D.S.W., Children and Family Research Center School of Social Work, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Parent’s Expectations of Caseworkers, Urbana, Illinois, 2008;


Click on the link above to read about what real parents who may actually be subject to legitimate and non-retaliatory or maliciously contrived cases (approximately twenty-percent as it is estimated that eighty percent of children/property are wrongfully and unreasonably “kidjacked“) expect of their caseworkers.  Individuals or parents concerned with the quality and care of vulnerable children and families by the governments which operate at the state and local county or city/municipality level might distribute a copy of this assessment to their state representatives, mayor and city council members, police departments, court officials and judges, guardian and attorney ad litem for children, child “advocates,” lawyers, CASA workers, counselors, court-appointed evaluators, coordinators, or facilitators, court referees, magistrates, and associate judges, other parents in the community, churches and faith-based organizations and community partners, CPS program supervisors and directors, including at the regional level, and non-for-profit and “domestic violence” or “safe” “access and visitation” recruitment centers.  Afterall, social workers are public servants, not the other way around.


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