Exposing and Prosecuting Judicial Corruption through Common Law Discovery| Marvin Bryer Interview Transcript

Exposing & Prosecuting Judicial Corruption 

Common Law Discovery

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Interview TranscriptMarvin Bryer, Rick Donaldson, and Alfred Adaska of KPBC, Los Angeles  (1997)


The boon that is the interview transcript with Marvin Bryer is just a simple “click” away, accessible above.  This piece of gold, however, glitters all the more for all the fit, nurturing, loving, appropriate, “protective, maternally alienated parents” who had the time to find this blog because you are sitting home longing for your child  while you wonder what he or she is doing this moment on a beautiful, warm, sunny Saturday afternoon as another day of your life passes you by with more shameful squandering of air that is difficult to breathe-in contrasted with an overflowing abundance of the never-ending tears which are our daily wages earned waiting for our little ones to come home, expecting them to look and sound like the same little pre-kindergartner  who was kidnapped months, years, or even decades ago.

But what if everyone really was “in on it?”  Wouldn’t they have to all be in on it to make their scheme work, and wouldn’t they need the power, resources, and “immunity” from the “state,” the Senate, the pulpit, and  from the bench?  Everything is a business, but the same savvy business owners who are so successful will be the first to negate the possibility that someone might be as shrewd as them who happens to have had a taste of power, or even a job in the sad “state” of affairs in which America weeps for her lost property, or “children.”

Judicial corruption, and that of all the players in its court, is a daily reality and a source of nightly torment that never stops playing out its soul-crushing devastation in the montage of memories that flood every axon potential at the synapse that is the next thought that makes you want to sleep forever, or sometimes that makes you never want to sleep…and then there is the war going on in our missing child’s head while he is supposed to be getting a good night’s sleep for an exciting day of second grade he has to wake up to as he probably checks to make sure he has the homework that he should have been completing with his real mommy.

I told the judge who aided and abetted my son’s legal, but unlawful kidnappers that I would expose her as I defiantly looked her in the eye in 2012 much like I promised to expose the pilfering, extortionist, lying, cheating, stealing, child abusing, sex-crazed, “mentally ill” Harpy from He_ _ (double hockey stick) social worker swine who either covered-up sexual abuse or, in the alternative, “coached” him to say he was sexually abused by his father.  For anyone and everyone who has fantasized about having their “day in court” with the oppressors who were supposed to give them justice and fairness, or at least the appearance of discrimination and federally funded misogyny (and those who conspired against you and all that was precious to you on this earth), those destroyers of everything that is, was, and will be Good and pure about America, the Sovereign, Republic US, please click on the little link above and divert the melancholy thoughts in your head while you read and enjoy the validation from Mr. Marvin Bryer, and his two witnesses, I mean interviewers, that is his own testimony, the testimony of one who has not known the sting and horror daily felt from looks and words of disbelief, doubt, pity, of rejection, of outright dismissal and scorn of  close friends, family members, co-workers (should you still be so fortunate to be gainfully employed at something other than your legal battles you are forced to fight), future co-workers, perhaps future mates or companions.

To the degree that the perpetrators, and our blissfully ignorant, former friends, companions, co-workers who can still wake up and see the world and authority figures and police officers as “protectors” and “helpers” who  would certainly do no intentional harm would shield themselves from a truth we cannot possibly expect them to understand when they dismiss our verified, replicated, universally known, sagas of corruption and conspiracy at all levels and resort to dismissive “mental health” language and laughable pseudo-science while our children suffer without us while we appear to  be powerless to do anything about it unless we were to resort to breaking the laws that we obeyed at the price and peril of our lives, so, too, must Mr. Bryer, Mr. Donaldson, and Mr. Adaska suffer from the “hysterical” and “irrational” female condition, which must explain their moodiness and vapors to entertain such foolish nonsense.

 Fair Use and Legal Disclaimer (PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED):

(1)  This post is made in good faith.

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