Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Employees, 400 with Criminal Records (Video)

400 Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Employees with Criminal Records


Click on the link above to watch what kind of people are kidnapping children legally, but unlawfully because unconstitutionally.  The new “good” is “bad,” and the new “bad” is “good” in the eyes of social workers who would kidnap and traffic real America’s children and sell them to the highest bidding criminal in a political agenda that seeks to turn America on its head and eradicate everything traditionally American, especially morals, values, religion, and the family in a paradoxical, satanic reversal to match the shifting polarities of the universe that these Socialist cultural anthropologists and Social Darwinist Nazi Eugenicists and pedophile masochists.  Take it from those of us with experience with these criminals perpetrating under color of law, there is nothing good or “protective” about social workers.  They want money, funding, your children, and, as a group, statistically, they are sexual deviants, child abusers, addicts who were abused themselves as children, and learning disabled (mostly childless and with “mental illness” themselves).  If a parent lost their child to these people, you can safely bet that it’s because they were too good of a parent.   The government wants your children/property for re-programming and re-integration, indoctrination and re-education camps.  Please wake-up America, while you still have a chance.  Learn your constitutional rights, natural, common law and divine rights, inalienable rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” to privacy absent government intrusion unless there is probable cause that you are committing a crime or harming someone, to direct the moral and religious upbringing of your own child that sprung from your own body, subject only to the Creator, Sovereign and elect.  Public servants work for us Sovereign citizens, not the other way around.  That is a fact, and yes, one you will have to defend and protect daily as it is a fact that police officers are only hired with intelligent quotients (IQ’s) 100 and under. The government needs its thugs uneducated and unwilling to comprehend and enforce our constitutional rights.  The same goes for social workers.  This blog has the Bill of Rights to the Federal, US Constituton.  Start there.  Then read the Constitution (easily available on a “google” search and re-read the Declaration of Independence.  These are not long.  Your freedom, and certainly that of your property or children is in imminent risk of danger in the alternative.  “Take heart and have courage!” (The Holy Bible, repeated throughout, all real versions).


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