October Is “Domestic Abuse” Awareness/Propaganda Month

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October is Domestic Abuse Awareness Month.

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I say abuse and not violence because I don’t want anyone to think that because there is no physical signs of abuse the abuse does not exist.

I write all kinds of posts, I try to use humor ie: the Narcissist Game, comparing Narcissists to Ticks, etc But domestic abuse is no joke and there is nothing funny about it, sometimes it is easier to discuss it using humor.

There are so many more people talking about narcissists and psychopaths than when I started and there seems to be quite a movement to raise awareness but the problem is not going away, society is still not “getting” it and victims are still remaining silent. It is obvious to me that we have a long way to go yet if we are to eradicate this problem from our children’s lives.

The fact that 1 in…

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