Jury Trial Manual|Ninth Circuit

Jury Trial Manual


Source: A Manual on Jury Trial Procedures, The Jury Instructions Committee of the Ninth Circuit, August 2004

Members of the Ninth Circuit Committee on Jury Instructions:

Judge George H. King, Chair

Judge Roger L. Hunt

Judge Lawrence K. Karlton
Judge A. Howard Matz
Judge Jeffrey T. Miller
Judge Marsha J. Pechman
Magistrate Judge John Jelderks
Joseph Franaszek
Robin Donoghue
Debra Landis
August 2004

For an in-depth look at jury trial procedure, click on the link above.  This may be a decent source of reference for anyone forced to defend, “protect,” and uphold their (and/or their property’s) natural, inalienable, civil, and constitutional rights, privileges, freedoms, and immunities.  Many of the real Mommies and Daddies on this site have become way too familiar with the unconstitutional law, codes, statutes, pleadings, rules of procedure, evidence, briefs, “immunity” obstacles, judicially created or legislated doctrines, pseudoscience, unconstitutional laws, and burden of proof in “state” family or juvenile dependency courts, appellate courts, federal court, federal appellate court. Indeed, many of us haven’t seen their property or children in years, nevermind that they were never adjudged as unfit, after being wrongfully deprived because they can’t afford to purchase them back in incremental supervised time slots by out-of-control social workers and court “professionals”) As Susan Skipp accurately communicated to the panel of Guardian Ad Litem in Connecticut when she, along with many other deprived mothers/property owners of a similarly situated, discriminated against class the horrors of our situations, ask any of these “pro se” parents in this room who have been forced to defend themselves  because they can’t afford a lawyer what the law is, because they can “outlaywer” a hundred lawyers by this point.


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