Everything I Love is Gone: Theola Nealy v. Peter Nelsen (Mother Loses Custody after Impregnated by Social Worker)

UPDATE:  A Federal jury awarded Nealy $1,050,000.00 in damages!  Congratulations, Mommy!  Now you can try to sue for your child back who never should have been kidnapped or placed with Mr. Social Worker Rapist himself, Nelsen.

Family Court Injustice

                       “Everything that I love is gone,” -Theola Nealy, mother,                       interview with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/27/2009.

Peter J. Nelsen is a former Wisconsin social worker who coerced a vulnerable client, Theola Nealy, into having sex with him.According to Nealy, she did not want to have sex and she only agreed to sex with Nelsen after he promised that he could prevent the state from taking her two children. In conflicting interviews, Nelsen claims the relationship was “inappropriate”, and but that he was “kind and decent” to Nealy. When Nealy became pregnant, she claims that Nelsen pressured her into having an abortion—she refused and gave birth to a daughter in August 2008. After the birth of her daughter, Nealy allowed Nelsen to visit the baby but there were often…

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