What Children and Mothers Have in Common with Harry Harlow’s Monkeys

What Children and Mothers Have in Common with Harry Harlow’s Monkeys

I find it interesting commentary that society would find it in their hearts to protect animal’s rights more than women and children’s.  Frequently over the last couple of years, I have had occasion to be reminded of Harry Harlow and his rhesus monkey experimental studies.  Conveniently, I ran into this article on maternal deprivation this evening.  I thought my audience would appreciate the parallels between the fraudulent family court crisis and its disparate treatment of mothers and children.  Where one analyzes the actual outcomes of this experiment, however, at least, with regard to the maternally deprived monkeys, prudence and caution supersede scientific value.  On a bleaker note, social scientists, social workers, and the new government agenda, it would seem, have certainly paved a quicker route to depopulation and return to patriarchy.  At least the men can go back to work and start paying bills again.



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