Judging Me- A Must Read, Today for any Lover of Truth and Justice!

Judging Me

Author: (Hon.) (Ret.) Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock, former Federal EEOC Judge, Trial Lawyer, Law Professor at USC, REAL CHILD ADVOCATE

It’s raw, it’s gritty, sexual, it’s sensationalist, it’s real...HONEST.  I dare you to take a walk on the dark side and learn about a side of life most cannot imagine, let alone survive and overcome in spite of it.  This auto-biography will certainly give you a shot of adrenaline and wake-up your senses if you have any life or passion for truth, justice, and fairness in your body, heart, mind, or soul.

Judging Me

(Hon.) (Ret.) Federal EEOC Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock’s Revealing and Transformative Narrative Entitled, Judging Me-Buy it and Read it Today!  (Ret.) Judge Bullock may be out of the EEOC game, since she realized that’s all it was to them–a game with pawns much as she had felt as a child–but she is a REAL CHILD ADVOCATE WITH MANY FAMOUS PSYCHOLOGIST AND PSYCHIATRIST FRIENDS.  She is available to go to court.  Although I this book was too new to walk-in and physically purchase at Barnes and Nobles or Half-Price Books, both retailers had it available to order and have shipped immediately.  Similarly, Amazon.com has copies left.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58XuDxUN-EQ (Video of Judge Bullock’s story on Bill Windsor’s Lawless America Series)

http://www.linkedin.com/pub/judge-mary-elizabeth-bullock/33/225/b3a (LinkedIn Profile)

Real Mommies and Daddies of the Real America:

This is a REAL judge and a REAL child advocate with a passion for justice, fairness, integrity, and the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Last week I got a copy of this book and read it in one sitting.  My mother was behind me waiting to grab it from me after reading the introduction on Amazon.com and a couple reviews of it by enthralled readers.  Judge Bullock, the narrator, courageously releases the most sordid, sundry, REAL memories of a childhood plagued by sexual and physical and emotional child abuse–the likes of which no imagination, let alone psyche, could possibly bear without immense suffering and trauma.  These memories come back to haunt Bullock and manifest themselves in various forms of raw, unadulterated, honest, passionate, raging, terrifying, titillating experience and danger throughout a lifetime searching for, from what I gather to be release and redemption–perhaps the best way to define forgiveness for the bestial, unforgivable acts of  a violent, abusive, addicted, maniacal, sexually deviant, completely amoral, in my opinion sociopath father whose wife was not much more kind to her oldest daughter who she allowed to be put in a harness as a teenager in public.

To the parents,…to anyone, who closes their eyes to the truth and horror of the reality of mind-boggling child or sexual abuse and the pain and suffering of the children who must endure it, and who DO SURVIVE AND THRIVE because of it, at least, the strong ones, the chosen ones, or to anyone who has ever had questions about one who may be suffering and wonders whether or not to intervene (in their own private way of course as my personal experience with the SS/”protective” services profiteers and “helpers” has been just as abusive and surreal), YOU MUST HAVE THIS BOOK TODAY!

I didn’t think anything could shock me.  THIS SHOCKED ME!  I kept having to put the book down just to fantasize about the “justice” God would deliver to this mongrel who perpetrated these crimes and abuse which, as much as we would believe do not happen or are exaggerated, happen every day, everywhere, to people of every class, race, and gender.  I DARE YOU to read this book.  Believe me, it takes courage just to read it, and yet, if anyone truly wants to understand the complex mechanism and effects of abuse and trauma, perhaps their own feelings, reasons for doing certain things, relationship problems, someone else’s problems who one is close to, to understand allegations his or her child may be making, the debilitating or empowering effects of survival from this plague of epidemic proportions being more and more exposed as the veil lifts to expose more EVIL every day at an increasing rate, for those child advocates and court-appointed officials, “therapists” who believe it is their job to look the other way, cover-up sexual abuse, and re-victimize children and mothers, it would be a near Tragedy for you not to read this book.  You must read it today to truly understand where these “victims”/chosen warriors come from, and where our society is going if we do not support them in the way they deserve.




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