Public Notice to the 310th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas in Houston, Judge Lisa A. Millard, Associate Judge/ “AJ” Conrad Moren, and all Clerks and Sundry Court Personnel and Officers of the Court:

you unlawfully administrated my property which i demand for you to restore immediately

Judge Lisa A. Millard, 301th court, Harris County, Texas, City of Houston, a family/”civil”/”CPS Cluster Court”/termination of parental rights/adoption/CPS, Child Advocates, Inc. watches the judge all day on CPS Tuesdays, the only kind on he/r calendar
Associate Judge Conrad Moren, 310th Court, Harris County, Texas, City of Houston, presiding for “elected” Judge Lisa A. Millard whereas he, appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry pursuant to executive “immunity” coast guard “powers” of martial or maritime, but not innocent until proven guilty flag of peace law and see where they scratched out former statute the penalty, serious crime to desecrate the American u.S flag of innocence presumed without the gold fringe, tassel, ball, or eagle perched atop aiding and abetting before and after the fact of its presence in a non-legislative, non-specialty bills of attainder are US Constitutionally impermissible court


Judge Lisa Millard and Conrad Moren.pic.310th
Family “Civil” Court/”CPS Cluster Courts,” 310th, Harris County, Texas, City of Houston Judge Lisa A. Millard, Associate Judge Conrad Moren Standing up behind Judge Lisa Millard

JUNE 19, 2015: BALANCE OWED, $3,271,680.00

1,136 DAYS AND NIGHTS WITHOUT MY NATURAL PRIVATE PROPERTY julian jacob worrell of genealogy Saloom

     Being over eighteen years of age and of sound mind, i, being natural (wo)man, individual, living and corporeal body, imbued with the divine, holy Spirit of our Creator ALMIGHTY GOD, beings, “sovereign” and “elect” in nature, spirit, and essence, owner of my private property, aged seven years old (in 2014), a little natural, corporeal male also imbued and endowed with divine Spirit of our Creator, sovereign and elect, whose picture i DO Now insert for identification purposes,  erroneously referred to in court documents as “JONI FAITH SALOOM,” “JONI SALOOM,” and “SALOOM, JONI,”  and “JULIAN JACOB WORRELL, A CHILD,”  i DO Now  require  you to return my property to me (the little guy in the picture below, being natural man, individual, berthed, birthed on my waters by my vessel, living and corporeal body imbued with the divine, holy Spirit of our Creator ALMIGHTY GOD, the alpha and the omega, the “I AM,” immediately as the Federal, US Constitution and incorporated Bill of Rights to which you are supposed to have an oath, u.S. constitutional) on file or otherwise all your alleged “judgments” and “orders” are further rendered null and void on their face as a matter of law and fact. 

     i, being natural (wo)man, require that thou restoreth my property, little male, to me immediately, and, further, that, as my property was stolen from me on May 08, 2012, which your court later “allowed,” in the absence of proper “jurisdiction” or voluntary consent, without authorization from me and without due, just, fair compensation, you are being billed by myself at a rate of $1.00 per minute for each minute that my property goes missing and unreported as such and not in my possession with your approval or pursuant to your unconstitutional, therefore, null and void ab initio on it face due to, inter alia, implicit and explicit fraud upon the court, bribery by my son’s father described or called as “Matt James Worrell, ” sometimes “Matthew James Worrell,” “Matthew J. Worrell,” and sometimes “Worrell, Matthew J./Worrell, Matt J.,”  and no due process of law and without equal protection of the laws, having been denied right of record to appeal by denying my right to transcript to appeal, thus collaterally estopping and entrapping your pattern and procedure in these cases, in “pro se,” without any “appearance” or “special appearance” unnecessary, without needing further adjudication of such according to precedent, although I have tried to press this case at queen’s bench (but was unconstitutionally ejected from court where i specifically objected to and denied “appearance” but then associate judge Conrad Moren told the official court reporter, Benjamin A.  Alva, to lie and say “Saloom’s here,” on record (and on the off records).  Today is the 864th day without my property (being described as September 19, 2014). My son is missing and no one will take a report or investigate without retaliation in contravention of Amendment I of the Federal, US Constitution and its Bill of Rights ratified and applies directly to the people through Amendment XIV of the Federal, US Constitution.

     Calculated at a rate of $1.00 per minute, for both myself and, reciprocally and asserted through jus tertii to the degree that I do not make an “appearance” in your court without “jurisdiction” over either one of us due to, inter alia, implicit and explicit fraud upon the court, subornation of perjury, malfeasance, misprision, treason, possible bribery in sum of $20,000.00 USD (taken ultra vires), generally, corruption and cover-up, for little property aged seven, you owe me and  my son both $1, 244,160, tax exclusive but accruing daily at the allowable, reasonable rate x 2= $2,488,320.00 USD (or payable in solid gold, land, and/or combination of any or all three forms of payment), with my little property’s half ($1,244,160.00, tax exclusive) to be put into a trust until the age of majority or otherwise determined by myself (untouchable by complicit kidnapper father).  + $20,000= $2,508,320.00.

     Your court was divested of any and all perceived “jurisdiction” to judge any matters related to me or to my property on or before May 09, 2012 due to unlawful and unconstitutional acts apparent on their face, and due to no jurisdiction or standing as parties appear to have been absent )(Under federal Law, which is applicable to all states, the U.S. Supreme Court stated that “if a court is without authority, its judgments and orders are regarded as nullities. They are not voidable, but simply void, and form no bar to a recovery sought, even prior to a reversal in opposition to them. They constitute no justification and all persons concerned executing such judgments or sentences are considered, in law, as trespassers”)(Elliot v. Piersol, 1 Pet. 328, 340, 26 U.S. 328, 340 (1828)).

     To the degree that you and the court, to which you are a fiduciary to the “public trust,” retaliate against me and my property for me filing meritorious federal civil rights claims pursuant to your “Kids- for- Cash” criminal enterprising state “joint public-private” ventures with multiple appointed parties (compensated by the same Harris County Commissioner’s and Commitment/CPS/Adoption/TPR/”CPS Cluster Court”/Child Advocates, Inc./Child Advocacy Centers of Texas, and all sixty-four of them to date (now 2015)/family “civil” court, privately public, you can also be held liable through Title 42 U.S.C. Section 1983, 1985 (3), and 1988 (The Civil Rights Act of 1871, re-codified as The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and The Civil Rights Attorney’s Fees Act of 1976) (See also precedential decision in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. MARK CIAVARELLA, JR., on appeal from M.D. PA,  D.C. No. 3:09 CR-00272-002, decided by Honorable Edwin M. Kosik on(3rd Cir.,Nov. 14, 2012).

     Furthermore, even if your court were to wrongfully, but certainly not mistakenly,  allege “jurisdiction” against me and my natural property from my body or “vessel,” of divine nature–a Gift which one may not take–the “appearance” of, and certainly justice and integrity mandate your voluntary disqualification or recusal or “substitution” immediately.  Such an issue could be taken all the way up, as could any other false or intentionally and wrongfully alleged charges based on perjury and malicious prosecution, harassment, official oppression, intimidation, retaliation, fraud, racketeering, subornation of perjury, intentional infliction of emotional stress, discrimination based on a certain class–gender, “disability,” etc.


Signed, i, being natural (wo)man, individual, property owner whose water berthed/”birthed” natural man, individual, being divine in nature and essence THE HOLY SPIRIT, “I AM,”  sui juris, de jure

Your First Christmas Without Mommy.Holding Mommy's Gifts
My only private property described as “child,” a natural individual, my son, my life, described as “”Julian-Jacob: . . .of  family Saloom; Picture his first Christmas without me, almost age 6 when taken, on knowledge and belief, December 2012
Joni Saloom -
i, being a natural, (wo)man, individual, living and corporeal, imbued with the holy Spirit of our divine Creator ALMIGHTY GOD, being “sovereign” and “elect” in nature, spirit, and essence (quoting(US Constitution, Preamble) owner of stolen property pictured above, little natural, corporeal male born of my body, or, “vessel,” on my “waters,” out of your “jurisdiction,”
now, julian-jacob: of family saloom, being  aged seven years old as of 2014, being secreted and held hostage unreasonably, unlawfully, unconstitutionally, and without cause or authority as no crime was committed or even alleged to have been committed by natural (wo)man, individual, or her property

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