Federal R.I.C.O. Act of 1970

Federal R.I.C.O. Act


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 For those who have been following or who have been made intentional “victims” of the family and/or juvenile or guardian court fraud industry, allow me to extend my sincere condolences.  There are a lot of angry mothers right now who might associate the alphabetical arrangement of the letters in the acronym “R.I.C.O.” to represent Rich, Incestuous, Criminal Oath-Violator.  Cheers to that re-thinking of this Federal law which may need to be re-visited and brought back as a more common means of prosecution (even the prosecutors might find a way to help us out on this one if we can find a way to make it profitable for them).  Why not?  Everyone knows they enacted and abused this law to imprison the  Mafia and take over all their businesses, anyway, right (as alleged to have existed at all, of course)?  
Many of us mothers, and some fathers who are outbid by their child’s mother or got a conventional judge not as sophisticated and savvy as the criminals in most every major metropolitan city across this Republic US who are double and triple-dipping in federal state block grant funding and county and local incentives in a massive federalization of children as assets by way of “SAFE”(unsafe free stalking and process service for NPD, sociopath fathers, and maybe some mothers who bribed a judge) access and visitation, child support enforcement services, and crime victim’s assistance funds (e.g. restraining orders solicited and rubber-stamped without due process of law and doled to the first parent to reach the courthouse door in high conflict custody cases), and then there is the ever-ubiquitous flat-rate $20,000 bribe/”donation” to judge’s election campaigns and bribes given to Father’s for Equal Rights Attorneys who represent criminal father’s (and in some cases very wealthy ones) on the house, compliments of the Health and Human Services Department and their “Responsible Fatherhood” and Marriage Programs, are well-aware of the daily injustices, unfairness, and total indifference for the appearance of justice and integrity in the family courts. 
Many of us have been stripped of our constitutional and civil and inalienable and natural, common law rights, guarantees, privileges and immunities, homes, cars, careers, reputations, but most of all, that which cannot be replaced, a Gift from God, Sovereign and Elect from whom all power flows as declared in this Republic US’ Founding Documents such as the Declaration of Independence (regardless of art and read and intended to be construed in the light most favorable to Sovereign citizens subject only to divine Creator, the same being true for our property–which extends to our children as extensions of our bodies, or, “vessels.”).  We have been hoodwinked with impunity by rogue criminals with badges and magistrates, court referees, and judges trained by social worker swine who, as a general population, are at least a full standard deviation below the mean regarding intelligence quotient (yet they are the Eugenicists judging us and stealing our children and coercing “services” that some of us refuse to accept as we will take a stand for the Real America and our property–children), many of whom cannot spell better than a second grader, most of whom, if ever married, have surrendered to marital dissolution, have more kids than they can afford, know about social “services” because they themselves and their families have been the recipients taking advantage of this system that, because of them, now punishes single, unmarried, and young competent, loving, adoring, fit and healthy mothers under the guise of discriminatory “social-economic policy” of the “states,” and the representative sample of such population, and this must be broached, shows that overwhelmingly these are the sexual deviants and perverts who seek out these positions of power over children and adolescents for their own sadistic, sexual gratification (but then the government wouldn’t have it any other way, or how else would they get away with their own crimes if their employees were competent)?

   In the unlikely event that anyone is unfamiliar with the Federal r.i.c.o. act, or its history and the social milieu that surrounded its enactment in 1970 under the Nixon administration, [the letters in] “R.IC.O.” stands for the Racketeer-influenced corrupt Organizations Act.

RICO was enacted by section 901(a) of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970 (Pub. L. 91-452, 84 Stat. 922.  The Federal R.I.C.O. Act is codified as Chapter 96 of Title 18 of the United States Code (“U.S.C.“), Title 18 U.S.C. Sections 1961-1968.

Author of this blog was inspired to provide a link to the Act for those curious and for the Real Mommies and Daddies of the Real America…and their Children Who Want to Come Home to them, after visiting Mary Seguin and Catharine Sloper’s website, Divorce in Connecticut, found at http://divorceinconnecticut.blogspot.com/  listed under the post “Blogs and Websites to Follow” (accessible from the menu on this site near the top).  The link above to “R.I.C.O.” Act is sourced from Legal.com.

Fair Use and Legal Disclaimer:

(1) This post is made in good faith by Author of this blog and to help deter future crimes that harm children.

(2) The information contained in this post is intended solely for academic research and general knowledge and creative purposes and/or entertainment purposes only.

(3) Author is not a board-certified specialist attorney, lawyer, trial advocate, legal practitioner, or paralegal, and is therefore not qualified to give “legal advice.”  Therefore, nothing in this post should or could logically be construed as legal advice, as anyone who uses this information of their own free will and volition does so at their own risk and liability.

Good luck, and God Bless!  To my sweet little Julian, if you ever find this website and cease to be a hostage, you will know how hard I have been fighting for you.  This website is also dedicated to and inspired by you, my little love–my Sonflower, Sunflower, my sunshine and moonshine!

“Take heart and have courage!”…

Veritatem Dilexi-Through Truth, Knowledge



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