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Bringing Alexander Home To His Mother Please Help
Bringing Alexander home

Bringing Alexander Home To His Mother Please Help


I have been a single mom for over two and a half years, of a beautiful baby boy whom I love and adore. I was alone through my pregnancy, his father was not involved while I was pregnant, nor was he there for the birth of Alexander.

Everyone goes through difficult times, being without a home, having no choice but to stay wherever I could during my pregnancy.

My son Alexander was born on December 2, 2012 it was the best day of my life, any sadness I had felt as replaced with adoration and love. Stability came as well, a home, my sister whom had opened her doors to my son and I.

I had been sending pictures of him to his father, Alexander was almost three months old and he wanted to see his son. I wanted to do the right thing and have him in our sons our life I moved to Massachusetts for our son. My sister expressed her concerns as well as her fears of this move. I did not listen to my sister who feared what would happen.

I grew very close with my son’s fathers mother, who I thought was my best friend . Time was passing, nothing was changing it was getting more and more difficult to live the next street over from his father and would rarely come to see our son, again there was always an excuse. After two and a half years of waiting for him to have the want to be a part of his life, I finally had enough nothing was changing and needed to do what was best for our son.

Out of respect  and sat down with both him and his mother , and explained it was time to move on as he was not.  I was ready to finally let it go and move on with my life. They both said they just wanted me to be happy, unfortunately that was not the truth as time would show. For the first time in years I never felt so special and then in seconds it was ripped away. The person who I thought was my best friend had rented an apartment to me for her grandson and myself, because her son finally wanted to try to be a family, it was to little to late. As a parent you do what is best for your child, waiting for someone to want something when they don’t, makes things harder.

I was finally happy, they could not take seeing my son with someone else. This is when the nightmare began and continues.  I get on my door a 30 day notice to move or I would be evicted, knowing I had no where to go in Massachusetts. I went to my mothers house this past Memorial Day for about a week to get away from all the harassing and drama …. This woman went into my home with a moving truck took all my belongings and put my cloths in trash bags and says I abandoned my apartment, not true I had food in fridge clothing in closets everything … I call the dp they said nothing they can do … Because they know the sergeant very well… So from there I called legal aid of mass and told them my situation and asked if I would need fathers permission to go to ct with my son because he never signed the birth cert . But we were in the process of paternity …. I left mass to ct and I get a letter at my moms house to court June 5 2014 that was the day the judge made me hand over my son all because I crossed state lines …. I saw him once since that day … I called every legal office in ct and mass legal aid mass bar ass and national lawyers guild… And I called catholic charities no one can help me or wants to go up against there lawyer and the one person that will cost 5000 retaining fee I cannot afford … All I want is my son home and anyone who knows me knows how much my children mean to me … I’m trying to set up a benefit anything that can help me get my son back home or find a lawyer that wants to go up against … Please hold on to your babies a little tighter you never know when they will be ripped away. What makes me so sad is I’m a good mom I don’t do drugs never had Dcf involved and I have to hand him over while there are addicts out there with thee kids….. And I have to hand mine to his father whom he hardly knows but by mostly pictures… If anyone has any ideas pleas inbox me I am at my wits end … I just want my baby home!!!!!!

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Please hold on to your babies a little tighter you never know when they will be ripped away

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