OF LAW IF . . .

 JUSTICE.BILL OF RIGHTS WITH VOID STAMP.LAWLESS AMERICA.bill-of-rights-void-indusladies-com-200w_200_225

1.  He or she is a criminal…who hasn’t yet been arrested…that you can find,

2.  He or she loathes children…even though he or she is a court-appointed guardian/attorney ad litem or amicus for children or child’s “advocate,”

3.  You are not required to attend hearings or trials…ever, so long as you made your weekly cash deposit,

4. You routinely dress more professional than your attorney…and your judges for court “appearances” or non-appearances falsely “recorded,” not “reported”,

5.  You have been threatened at least once, if not more, that your attorney will not be able to represent you if you insist on the trial by jury that your attorney at first championed,

6.  You have been threatened with “kidnapping”/false arrest when you couldn’t make payments on time,

7.  Your relatives and immediate family has been harassed and solicited for more money,

8.  Your relatives have been asked to join the adversary,

9.  You know your attorney bought his or her alleged law degree from South Texas College of Law when he or she has affirmatively been “acquired” by the Enemy/Adversary,

10.  If your attorney makes sure that you never meet the private investigators and attorneys for the “state’s” defense,

11.  If your attorney was promoted, I mean, appointed or elected to judgeship or associate judgeship after he or she/they successfully litigated your case…for the other side,

12.  If he or she is always complaining about being broke in spite of the fact that they have plenty of time, money, and resources to waste harassing and setting you up,

13.  If your attorney has friends in the Harris County D.A.’s office and has drinks every night after dinner with the judges and clerks,

14.  If you know information about the other side’s case that you just shouldn’t know, and vice versa,

15. Your lawyer thinks you are having a mental health crisis for showing compassion and forgiveness for the other side…that is, until your attorney show the vexatious plaintiff more compassion and forgiveness than she gives or shows to you and your child(ren),

16.  If your attorney  extorts you for your own “discovery” or trial materials and exhibits that you gave her,

17.  When the only objections uttered in court are your own…denying “jurisdiction,”

18. When your attorney is more hung-over than the “party” on whom the court will, at her suggestion, order to take an alcohol and/or substance abuse test,

19.  When your attorney fails to appear for court, but the associate judge and prosecutor or opposing counsel continue without you, anyway,

20.  If you never receive anything on paper… in writing…from your lawyer/attorney/zealous advocate for the con artist on the other side,

21.  When “privileged” communication between you and your attorney is blind-copied or even “cc’d” to opposing criminal(s),

22.  If inappropriate ex parte communication between your attorney and the associate judge or clerk on bench at docket call is the only communication going on in your case…off the record,

23.  “What ‘record’?”

24.   If your attorney is outraged that you should ask for an invoice and/or itemization of charges,

25.  Your attorney refers you to another lawyer to mediate your case with a member of the opposite “Party” of social workers,

26.  Your attorney never believes you about anything, except the lies he or she tells you or the other party,

27.  Your attorney cross-examines you way more harshly than opposing counsel never will,

28.  Your attorney has her own private investigator on staff to investigate (blackmail) you instead of the guilty or criminal petitioner/plaintiff,

29.  Your attorney has secret meetings with the other side…and money changes hands…and this fact is not hidden from you…and your attorney is not even ashamed,

30.  Your attorney thinks she is doing you a favor disclosing to you the conspiracy that the other attorney and amicus or ad litem attorney/guardian cooked-up to entrap you that he or she has also been a party to????

31.  Your attorney has the unmitigated gall to be outraged if you complain to the BAR Association…has you falsely imprisoned/”kidnapped”…by her old associate she worked with in the D.A.’s office…who then runs for criminal court judge…who was getting drunk when she had you falsely imprisoned/”kidnapped”…and you have this on disc…that the judge didn’t want to return to you…that your court-appointed lawyer . . . a capital murder trial attorney on a misdemeanor that was falsified, anyway, by his friend and colleague,  who came looking for you to “help”…forgot existed…other than when he was laughing about it with the investigators for the “state’s” defense…who you never knew were parties and never met…who you later discover on the public internet got paid $10,000.00 or more to privately investigate you…and their bill itemizes visits with your attorney…who told you a jury would probably vote in your favor to get you to accept his unsolicited “help”…who gets paid extra for the “enhancement” on your assured conviction/plea…which he tells you is not a plea bargain or a “no contest” deferred adjudication–“guilty”…that he will surely get sealed from your record later…but NEVER does answer your phone call…EVER!

32. …And then has the nerve to MAIL you a PAPER Christmas card saying that she is “worried” about you or a “condition” that she in fact created (intentionally inflicted)…

33. …But then has her friend or a client call you many years later to ask if you have a condition and who is “helping” you with alleged or lack of condition.

Given:  She or he is catty, immature, infantile, and jealous.

Signed, the Lioness who Watches the Eagle, Who Watches the “Mongoose,” who Watches the “Brood of Vipers” (Matthew 12:34, The Holy Bible, all real versions).

Supplemental Addendum:

34.  Your attorney may or may not have bought his or her law degree from South Texas College of Law if he or she has you followed and interrogated by a confederate, but fails as you have learned to use this as a discovery opportunity…and entertainment…but still a crime of “stalking,”

35.  …When the confederate in question may or may not appear to be of Eastern European descent and politically oriented in an unusual direction given his territory, or, “zone,”

36.  When the confederate solicits you for things not related to your intelligence, being a woman and he appearing to be a much older and possibly married male;

37.  When the confederate who works for any one such attorner/attorney  obviously wants answers that just aren’t there to confirm that they didn’t just give a dangerous compulsive liar “sole managing ‘conservatorship'” over a child that has not even been proved on court record is his in a court of competent “jurisdiction,” and with whom the mother never even had a relationship or co-habitated,

38.  When your denied and non-existent, yet timely requested on required and timely presented demand for court “recording” and substantiated court-appointed attorney in a “TPR” “death penalty” case,  pre – adversary hearing appointed attorney who was not appointed until after the “point of no-return in TPR cases” (nunc-pro-tunc and voidable without requiring going to court for a ruling as is void on its face) and against Texas Family Code statutes that require pre-adversary hearing appointment… for the judge to whom she is indebted and stands to profit through double- and triple- dipping profiteering schemes in which she is a stakeholder who failed to recuse herself and/or disclose her fiduciary duty regarding conflicts of interests to her “public trust” (undisclosed and not sufficiently noticed or contractually accepted) for county and for herself and her own court (overseen by County Attorney and Children’s Commissioner’s Court and Commitment Court)..who perjures herself and in so doing materially injures your case and your most precious property in a court without “jurisdiction” that has clearly issued voidable “orders” against a natural woman or man and his or her sole property as a matter of Divine, natural, and common law and fact…who you have to immediately beg for the privilege of not representing you anymore…who files motions that she never filed…without orders…without hearing…that she gives you evidence that she never actually filed…without shame or apology…who is on camera and the Internet in front of a courthouse defending forced-to-resign Judge Denise Pratt’s integrity and honor…as another judge testified on court “record” (official and non-official) on her behalf when you insisted she no longer fail to represent you and harm your case through reasonably expected ineffective assistance of counsel/negligence/legal malpractice/unethical misconduct unbecoming of a BAR member and former municipal or associate judge…who screamed at you that she had “paying customers” that deserved her attention…who told you it would be easier to get your child back (after being kidnapped as a matter of law and fact without voluntary consent, without exigent circumstances, without a warrant for child’s removal, and without a court order for child’s “removal”/legal, yet unlawful because unconstitutionally “repugnant”) if you were a “drug addict” or “insane”…whose assistant who was told to babysit you and verbally abuse and re-victimize you when your child had just been kidnapped at age 5 by a notoriously retaliatory criminal, as a matter of law, as alleged and reported, for profit, and given to a dangerous individual…reprimanded you not to make “false allegations” against a male with shocking criminal history and anti-social attitudes presented to her…she who asked me what ACLU stood for..because she works for the same criminal enterprise that stole your only child who was very well taken care of and loved with you…who high-five her at the Children’s Assessment Center where she tells you she cannot give legal advice as she is not qualified, but then legally advises, nay, demands that you sign a case plan and goes over legal issues…which you smartly decline to do…but then her supervising attorney who has been court-appointed because of her large campaign contributions to the judge without “jurisdiction” in your child’s abuse by the “protectors” and father who always runs unopposed and gets elected by the party that she does not represent in her rulings regarding families and children or property at common and natural, Divine law…lies and tells the associate judge that you signed which you did not at his magistracy’s (drink-pourer later granted Executive “immunity” under “maritime” Coast Guard foreign agent law) subornation of perjury…in spite of your timely objections on the court “record” you timely required before bench hearing which are quickly silenced by bailiff, relatives, associate judge, sinecure herself, and threat of false imprisonment/”kidnapping”…again…in spite of controverting evidence of unsigned plan;

39.  If your attorney’s fake-filed orders are typed in 16 or 18-point font, out of style from Practice Manual, and appear as though typed by a kindergartener who would have been more persuasive and demonstrated a more sophisticated vocabulary,

40.  If your attorney tries to convince you that you need to go on public assistance and to take advantage of special programs and get on certain “meds,” …but she herself screams and flails her arms like a stark-raving mad lunatic who appears to be hysterical and borderline personality, consistently…in public and in private practice where her…interesting…mother or mother-in-law who should be in a rest home sipping ginger-ale and getting sponge baths…while taking, among other things, thorazine and a host of off-label psychotropic “meds” that do inflict worse disease–a requirement of such “state” run rest homes/voluntary euthanasia “glue factories” that may or may not have official or unofficial policies to induce coma to preserve marketable organs for sale to China and India…who should be your biggest fan against the current “HOLOCAUST” of single and young mothers and their adorable, well-cared for, highly adoptable and valuable commodities–property/”children,” given her loudly self-proclaimed heritage…is disappointingly too mentally and/or emotionally or intellectually incompetent and/or unstable or unwilling to comprehend that your intentional allusion to the term is more than friendly and certainly respectful (“Mongoose” knows of whom i voice opinion)

41.  If your attorney–a “child advocate”–and her best “child advocate” guardian ad-litem/attorney ad litem for your child friend who refuses to speak to you, being the child/property’s only consistent caregiver for his entire life…right up until the day they kidnapped/”removed” him unlawfully…who admits that she does what the kidnappers–CPS–pay and tell her to do in front of a very credible eyewitness, being he, the special CPS prosecutor who works alongside of her every CPS Tuesday in the 310th Court of Pharisees and Thieves with disgusting financial conflicts of interests lending themselves to the indictment of federal R.I.C.O. charges…against little natural men and women not yet grown–property of natural woman more so than man because from her womb and body corporeal and incorporeal–in spirit, soul, Divine gift–which “guardian” did solicit father and stepmother in open court which may have been recorded on such occasion for “adoption” which she later denied upon confrontation…who never once turned in a report for her numerous $500.00/hour judge-authorized fee  charged to Harris County (certified proof can be demonstrated and designated), she bought her law degree from South Texas College of Law.

42.  Your attorney, social worker, guardian ad litem/attorney ad litem for child or amicus attorney promoted to associate judge for such charge probably attended South Texas College of Law if the word “conspiracy” comes first from his or her mouth before it ever comes out of yours as it was her defensive offense to first bring it up as someone who “smells it, must have dealt it” (crassness used here for purposes of style lending itself to subject matter).

But where such zealous  “advocates” for the [“state’s”] “best” [financial] “interest” in [your] property/”child” will sardonically mock you in open court with special prosecutor for CPS who uses the “F” word to try to make you say it back, unsuccessfully, and accuses you of “hearing voices ‘again’ in your head,” and of  being “cuckoo” when your credibility begins to “shine” and grab attention of intelligent individuals not necessarily having been forced to attend South Texas College of Law or inbred with other local appointees–relatives of those who “served” [their pockets and the “state’s” unjust [construed in light most favorable to “citizen” or natural man or woman and little man or woman] before them–even though they are so nutty or sexually confused that they follow you into the bathroom on breaks …will, as a last resort, blame everything on “poor impulse control”…as they don’t even hide their collusion on  court breaks in open court as they take up three chair spaces at the table where litigants should be sitting and preparing who actually belong in the courtroom, yet are forced to stand with no-where to present evidence or exhibits that will not be allowed to be admitted because…well…because it is evidence and not hearsay or perjury or de-contextualized misrepresentations and distortions, implications never made as timely required Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law…such morally, professionally, spiritually, duty-bound, constitutional oath-defying ingrates, incompetents, criminally negligent…criminals initiated at South Texas College of Law practice, they reveal themselves to be what they are at the core in a similar torrid nether region accessible only to such initiates related to South Texas College of law graduates and family members in Smith County, Kaufman County, Collin County, and some in Tarrant County–cousins, yet, kin related in the third degree of consanguinity, to Harris County, in the righteously angry and officially oppressed and involuntary enslaved Republic of Texas–“Tejas,” “friend”–being coerced as a “comrade” to “Commandante” Austin…city crossing the “limits” near a “border”…not meaning those “hysterical, “mentally ill,” “borderline personality” high conflict custody case property owners, or, “parents”–involuntary ‘slaves’ not sufficiently notice, informed, consenting, non-contractually obligated Sovereigns for whom such criminals are contractually bound as servants, as a matter of fact and Supreme constitutional, bound by oaths and statements of office LAW (and law).  No disrespect intended, and peacefully herein assembled and freely expressing and exercising my fundamental, First Amendment constitutional right as incorporated and implied through ratification and application of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Federal, US Constitution and incorporated Bill of Rights) in pursuit of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (Declaration of Independence ).


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