Children’s Bill of Rights

Children’s Bill of Rights… for Real Americans

1.  CHildren deserve to see both their mommy and their daddy whenever they want;


2.  children should be able to call the parent who they are not with to hear their voice and to say i love you, and hear it back whenever they want in their free time in a peaceful manner, especially on holidays, birthdays, and on special occasions;


3.  children deserve to hear that they are loved by both parents every day, especially by the other parent, no matter what;


4.  children deserve to be free from stress inflicted onto one parent by the other, because it is contagious!;

5.  children deserve to have pictures of both of their parents and both families for comfort wherever they are, and to remind them that they are still a part of the other family;


6.  children should feel that their parents made them out of love, no matter what the situation;


7.  CHildren should never be made to feel like a burden on either parent or their families, and should feel at home with both of them without guilt, shame, or being told to choose sides by the other parent and/or his or her family;


8.  Children should always be told good things about the other parent because every child was made from both of them and deserves to feel good about who they are and where they come from;


9.  children should never be told that they have to forget about the other parent who they also love, or be forbidden to speak about the other parent and their family;


10.  children deserve to not be held hostage by one parent and kept away from the other parent;

11.  children deserve not to have the police and “protective” services called on one of their parents by another, and on the present and impressionable child, for the purposes of harassment and/or legal strategy and abuse, or to shame and humiliate the other parent in front of the child;


12.  Children deserve to be told the truth by both of their parents, and to also be encouraged to tell the truth and to never lie by omission, especially when someone could be harmed;


13.  children should be encouraged to develop their own special talents, even if they have them in common with one parent;


14.  children should not be treated as pawns in a chess game, but rather as the gifts from god that they are…a prayer not yet known that was answered until his or her parents met and helped to create he or she;


15.  children should be free to discuss whatever they want to discuss without fearing the wrath of the other parent when the other parent is not questioning or interrogating them or using them as a messenger, but rather is truly interested in the child’s growth and development when not around;


16.  children should not have to fear going to the other parent’s home if the child got a bump or a scratch on the playground while roughhousing with other children or when he or she trips and falls in the ordinary course of play as a small child whose coordination is not yet fully developed because the other parent might take him or her to the doctor and blame the other parent;


17.  children deserve not to be taken to counselors to elicit false testimony  or enticed to aid and abet an angry and vindictive parent and his new family in their trouble-making against his or her own mommy or daddy;


18.  children deserve to make their own decision when they have reached maturity as to whether or not they want to “terminate parental rights” with either parent, which is not even possible since our lives our not ours to give and take away, anyway, as our rights are natural and divine, from our creator, our real father;


19.  children deserve to have both parents participate in their education and extra-curricular activities, and to have both parents be able to give them a hug them and tuck them into bed at night in their respective homes, and to be able to read them a story after bath time and to say prayers;


20.  children deserve to always have the door left open to having an affectionate bond and relationship with the other parent from whom they were born, as they need, not as the other parent controls or he himself (or herself)needs or desires for selfish reasons;


21.  children especially deserve, at the very minimum, not to be told that their other parent is bad or that something is wrong with them in actions or in words by the other parent and his or her family;


22.  all children deserve their real, natural mommies and daddies who love them more than anyone else ever could on this earth;


23.  children should never have to see their parent in a juvenile jail called “supervised ‘visitation,'” and should never be deprived of a parent who cannot afford to “pay” to see their own “child” whose physical property is his or her own child which was born from the mother’s womb, her fertility and pro-creativity manifested in the form of life,…the most fundamental and highest form of expression and divine privilege, for such a horrific situation would be child abuse and intentional degradation and stalking–violence–against the other parent, the child, and against the “peace and dignity of all involved and of the ‘state;'”


24.  children of divorce are entitled to be free from any sense of pressure from either parent or relatives to act as informants for the other parent or the other parent’s family (grandparents included);


25.  children are entitled to have both parents notified in the case of emergencies immediately;


26.  children are entitled to have both parents notified of important, commemorative events and milestones, games, tournaments, doctor’s and dentist’s appointments, and celebrations and vacations, and to be notified of accurate location and phone numbers if traveling far from home;


27.  children are entitled to both parents’ help with homework and special projects for school, church, or otherwise;


28.  children are entitled to both parents who refrain from forcing the child to take sides against another parent;


29.  children are entitled to send and receive (unopened) letters and correspondence  from both parents at their home;


30. children are entitled to give and to receive gifts and presents (including photographs, from both parents and both sides of the family, including pictures;


31.  children are entitled to attend special occasions with both parents such as weddings, family picnics/reunions, company picnics for families, birthday parties, anniversaries, award ceremonies to a reasonable degree without having the other parent negotiate or condition a “yes” upon that parent receiving something in return;


32. children and both parents are entitled to receive and preserve child’s artwork from school, especially in the primary school years;


33.  children are entitled to bring their toys and books, shoes, socks, pajamas, blankets, comfort items; any medication, sunblock, accessories, clothes, homework, and movies to both parents’ homes with the expectation that they will be consistently returned promptly with the child;


34.  children are entitled to send both parents birthday and christmas cards and school and sports pictures without the other parent sending them back marked “return to sender;”


35.  children are entitled to not have the government interfere in their’s or their parents’ lives when no crime or abuse has been committed;


36.  both children and their parents are entitled to reasonable expectation of privacy at all times, including from the other parent’s family, espionage, threat of spying or stalking, actual stalking, and private investigators and custody evaluators or counselors without the other parent’s full and sufficient informed and voluntary consent absent “punishment” being unconstitutional;


37. children are entitled to respect both parents and their values, morals, religious beliefs, habits, appearance, lifestyle, and schedules;


38.  children are entitled to be free from threats by one parent about another, including with regard to child support and jail time or police or protective services;


39.  children are entitled to regular nutritious meals within the budget of the parent with whom they are with at the time;


40.  children are entitled to not have another parent’s boyfriend or girlfriend or new spouse and/or their family forced upon them and told to lie to their other parent, or to lie by omission (even though not being interrogated by the other parent as children like to talk to their parents about their feelings and things they do and learn);


41.  children are entitled to be free from their parent’s money troubles should or when they exist;


42.  children are entitled to have both parents present for their birthdays (including the other parent’s family so long as they are not agitating or investigating in anticipation of vexatious and frivolous, harassing litigation and legal abuse);


43.  children are entitled not to have to watch their other parent be entrapped, coerced, or otherwise forced into uncomfortable situations involving unexpected and completely unknown parties or drivers;


44.  children are entitled to have parents who listen to one another’s concerns regarding the child’s health, quality of medical care and education, friends, choices, growth, development, personality, religious activities, and socialization;


45.  children are entitled to be returned to the other parent as regularly or previously scheduled, expected, and/or agreed upon at the agreed upon place and time absent private investigators, police officers, evaluators, unexpected guests to include hostile family members or “apaths,” process servers, counselors, or lawyers;


46.  children are entitled to drug and alcohol free environments with both parents (including visitors and spouses or paramours);


47.  children are entitled to have maximal time spent one-on-one and to be of quality and substance with both parents;


48. children are entitled to not have games or extra-curricular events or commitments scheduled during the other parent’s time with child;


49.  both children and their parents are entitled to reasonable and timely notice and confirmation if and when either parent will not be exercising “visitation” or will be exercising “visitation” if it has not been regular and consistent in a manner that is accessible to the parent and free of schemes or artifice to falsely document against the other parent things as they are not;


50.  children are entitled to not be secreted at the homes of one parent’s relatives or friends, and to not be left with babysitters during that parent’s quality time with child;


51.  children are entitled to choose to stay home with the parent who will be home instead of out socializing or attending business functions without the child;


52.  children are entitled to be able to call their friends with both parents, regardless of where their friends live (within reason and at reasonable times and hours);


53.  children are entitled to not be made to feel guilty about one parent’s actions or inactions on the other or of either parent;


54.  children are entitled to not be retaliated against by one parent for looking or acting more like the other parent or for talking about them in a positive manner;


55.  children are entitled to reasonable notice well in advance that either parent will be moving and to where, when, and with who, as are both parents of child;


56.  children are entitled to reasonable make-up time with both parents when parent(s) have mandatory work obligations that support child’s lifestyle and pays the bills for child during that parent’s “scheduled” “visitation;”


57.  children are entitled to not be around family members, relatives, friends, and/or spouses or girl/boy-friends with negative attitudes about the other parent, and to especially not hear derogatory comments made, implied, or assumed around child;


58.  children are entitled to have both parents at school functions at the same time, and to meet with the teacher to discuss issues that may affect child in both homes;


59.  children are entitled to not have one or both parents going behind the other’s back and slandering or colluding to harm or antagonize or make false reports of child abuse or neglect about the other parent;


60.  children are entitled to not be enticed against the other parent or living situation or interference with “visitation;”


61.  children are entitled to discuss their feelings about their health, mental or emotional state, activities, teachers, classes, friends, family members, grades, behavior, and appropriate reaction to parent’s relationship or non-relationship with both parents so long as they are not being solicited by one parent to use against the other;


62.  children are entitled to be free from the rage or open hostility of one parent regarding the other and the other side of the child’s family;


63.  children are entitled at least to frequent and continuing contact with both parents without one parent or both criticizing the other’s situation or manner of living or financial, work, social status, or personality even where different from the other parent;


64.  children are entitled to peace and quiet at both parent’s homes, and to not be bullied by other children in a home with a mixed or blended family;


65.  children are entitled to two consistently honest and trustworthy, reliable, supportive parents who will show them unconditional love and demonstrate civility and kindness and compassion for the other parent and his or her situation, financial or otherwise.

parents who disagree that this is ideal, whether it is the current situation or not, and no matter how far from it their current situation is, nevertheless, probably are the problem and the sociopath with narcissistic personality and control,  honesty, trust, cruel treatment, culturally disabled, personality-impaired, intellectually challenged, inferiority and superiority complexes, abuse, disciplinary, abnormal, marginal, criminal, malicious, retaliatory,  reliability, moral, Dietary, vanity, mental, emotional, dysfunctional, generally,  behavioral, familial, relationship-impaired, toxic, rage, chronic stress, maniacal, psychotic, antisocial, addictive, compulsive, self-loathing, self-sabotaging, self-destructive, co-dependent, smoking, avoidance-pattern, adrenal fatigue, low-testosterone, high-blood pressure, chronic pain, hypochondria, generally defective character, maladjusted, spoiled/indulged “Mamma’s boy” or “Daddy’s little princess” cognitive, perceptive, and sexually deviant, stubborn, over-sexed in one or both directions, or even multiple (?), overly-competitive, attachment, impulse-control, monogamy, adrenaline, vitamin or nutrient deficient, spiritually void, pain-pleasure fixated, ambition, ethical, drive states, hormonal, grandiose, intolerant, judgmental, linear, racial, obsession with conformity and acceptance, sleep, sports-addicted, video-game addicted, strip-club and related addictions, internet addictions, compulsive gambling, gaming,  confrontation, coping, low self-monitoring, non-actualized, identity, maturity, idealism, anger, self-esteem, selfish, and sobriety ISSUES!




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