KARL LENTZ – If You Are In Court

Child Care Proceedings Exposed

transcribed notes;

here is some examples;

Governments have; duties, responsibilities, obligations, they have not got any rights,

Governments created to protect property & security of man,

Governments created to serve man & not man to serve governments

Man created governments, courts, judges, hence man is superior as the creator of these fictions,

The judiciary has no definition of a man, (check it out- Blacks Law,all of them) they are unable to describe their creator, being man,

Man not bound by paper (as with all fictions of government, courts, judges etc are all 2 dimensional constructs & not superior to 3 dimensional man),

Man has capacity to wish,

Suffer, suffered or suffering actually means you allow>>>>>>you have allowed,

Orders; I will accept your two dimensional order provided that a man signs it, (orders from man to man which are chargeable for servicing),

Man wants nothing from another man, for God provides all a…

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