“FLAG RECOGNITION”: The Real American Flag of Peace,”Innocent until Proven Guilty”), Title 4 U.S.C., Chapter 1-Preserves the Constitution

FLAG RECOGNITION”: The Real American Flag of Peace,”Innocent until Proven Guilty”), Title 4 U.S.C., Chapter 1-Preserves the Constitution     1  Vote

RECOGNIZING THE DIFFERENT FLAGS AND WHAT THEY  rEALLY SYMBOLIZEflag recognition.2“FLAG RECOGNITION;SOURCE: POSTED ON FREEDOMSCHOOL.COM, 2013, PRESENTLY NOT AVAILABLE DUE TO POSSIBLE INFILTRATORS FORMERLY ASLEEP AT BEHIND THE COMPUTER WHILE THE REST OF AMERICANS QUIT READING, TALKING ON THE TELEPHONE, AND COMMUNICATING, but  INSTEAD STARTED RELYING ON DIGITAL DEVICES, “TEXTING” AND WALKING AROUND WITH “EARBUDS (?) STUCK IN THEIR EARS,” CARRYING”iPODS,” “SMART” DUMMY PHONES– GPS TRACKING DEVICES TO TRACK US LIKE RATS– AND STARTED WEARING “SKINNY JEANS” AND STARTED WALKING AROUND LIKE EMOTIONLESS DRONES AND AUTOMATONS WITH A VERY LIMITED, OBVIOUSLY PROPAGANDIZED, “POLITICALLY CORRECT” “GREEN” SPEAK, “Filtered”  VOCABULARY LIMITED TO CLICHE PHRASES THE LIKES OF WHICH WOULD HAVE DRIVEN A TRADITIONAL ENGLISH TEACHER OR PROFESSOR ABSOLUTELY BONKERS IN THE 70’s and 80’s!  Please, Wake-up America, and save our Real country, or take it back.  Author of this post urges and challenges Real Americans not  Fall for the “New” Speak and “New,” “Smart,” Digitized, United Colors of Benetton ad Campaign.  Real Americans with Real Passion, Emotion, Creativity, Emotion, and the Divine Spark of Truth, Justice, Freedom, and the Real American way, Author of this blog asks everyone to Embrace his or her Individuality and Creativity, Independent Thinking, Red Meat Should it Strike One’s Fancy, and Start Jogging Again instead of Acting as One Paralyzed and Forever Stuck in the “Downward Dog” Yoga Class.  Especially Embrace Your Literacy and Writing on Paper as, in Case One Hasn’t Noticed, books and chalk boards and white boards have been replaced with interactive “SMART” boards, I-pads, laptop computers, and stylus’ appear to have replaced the mighty power of the pen, a truly mighty ” swordnot subject to substitutionThey have even stopped teaching cursive handwriting in the schools.  Does anybody else see that they are incrementally enslaving Americans and reducing access to all forms of literacy and knowledge and truth–the second line of defense after the Second Amendment right to bear arms.  Wake-Up, America.  They have already taken my only child, my then precious five year-old son who was my world, right before he started kindergarten, and handed him over to the same person he was either enticed to make despicable allegations about, or, in the alternative, who actually, along with “The Visitor,” participated in alleged crimes of a deviant and heinously evil nature.  They have already censored my comments that have anything to do with religion.  Austin, Texas no longer allows plastic or paper sack bags in any stores.  One has to bring one’s own personal shopping bags into the store, and the prices I hear are not exactly inexpensive on those.  “Jalapeno,” “Salsa,” “Electric Lemonade Yellow,” and “Grape Ice” colored electric Yugos cut in-half and boxy cars that look like a small hearse are the new chic, which pale in comparison the sports cars of the last sixty, seventy years.  They are more expensive, too, even when adjusting for inflation and traditional increases in the cost of living.  If Author is stuck here literally waiting for her now seven year-old son to come home, and/or, in the alternative, to literally wait for the Lord Himself, Commander of Heaven’s Armies, to show-up, Author stands firmly on the premise, or at least a  worthy and grand illusion that America, if it indeed has lost its finesse, will certainly make a heroic and truly Epic comeback in the spirit of the famous Pittsburgh Steeler’s Comebacks that were inspired by pain, agony of defeat, humiliation, yet that did inspire their lion-hearted courage and ability to come back or from or not even succumb to the thought of mental or emotional defeat, as the mythological  Phoenix dramatically rose from the dead ashes, in the last minutes of a game that the arrogant, less emotional and more technical, tense, “working ‘smarter,’” not “harder” opponents thought they had already won to miraculously win the play and the game in the 1996 playoffs with the Green Bay Packers for the Superbowl, in literally the last second on the clock…that is, before Thigpen then fumbled the ball in the endzone, nevertheless clearly steal the winners and champions on that field as evidenced by the stunned look of the faces of the Packers and the roaring Steeler’s fans who never lost faith–the quality that sets them apart from every other major team.  They may have won a lot of little battles, but not the proverbial “war.” 


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