Family Court Fraud and Legal Abuse in Knoxville, TN, Judge Bill Swann and the Heather Wilder Case

Petition.Tennesse Mother to General Assembly and Gov. Haslam, Remove Judge Bill SwannRead real Mommy, Heather Wilder’s, all too familiar story of legal abuse and judicial corruption in the family court fraud conspiracy in Knoxville, Tennessee (Knox County, TN) in which she found herself fighting for her three children and their lives for at least $50,000, and three attorneys later against an allegedly abusive, manic father with an alleged drug problem…and his Tennessee State Senator grandfather that did not go unnoticed or unrewarded by Knox County Judge Bill Swann.  Heather Wilder admits that she was very fortunate to keep her children throughout the entire ordeal, but it was not a journey for the sleight of heart or weak in courage and persistence.  Heather’s persistence paid off.  Fortunately, or not, actually, at the end of it all, the father could have gotten custody of the three children, but he allegedly decided he did not want them (sounds like Mr. David Rucki in Minnesota, and so many other narcissistic, sociopath fathers who harbor an obsession with legally abusing and torturing their child’s fit mother through, inter alia, legal abuse, bribery, and Lord only knows what else with these Pharisees running the courts of family fraud)


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