Ex-Judge in PA Must Say She’s Sorry–Just not in Handcuffs

Ex-Judge in PA Must Say She’s Sorry–Just not in Handcuffs

–and I would add that they nabbed the wrong judge, or at least missed a few hundred family court and juvenile court Pharisees and Merchants (and let us not forget their Associate judges with alleged “Executive Immunity” under military powers).  This must be a case of entrapment by estoppel, as Judge Ories of Pennsylvania would have been in more legal trouble had she forgotten to steal.  “Schylla and Charybdis,” indeed.

Is it too late to trade her in for a different judge to take her place as Barabbas, being much less worthy of pardon, was granted Jesus’ stolen privilege?


A friend of mine sent this to me last evening, and I could not resist the urge to re-blog it here.  I have to say, however, that I was intensely disappointed to learn that this was not a family court judge.   That the benefactors of the public apology were other “state” criminals and kidnappers rather than the true Sovereign elect and the millions of children and families–men and women and little men and women– whose lives the “state” ruins through social workers and privateer, over-zealous coppers and abusive sociopaths and criminal narcissists for its own profit reveals much about what real Americans can continue to expect as far as government corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse (construed in the most favorable light for Sovereign man and woman or otherwise “citizens”).  Enjoli.




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