Victory for man and woman–“parents” and “child”– in Athens, Texas Courtroom of (Hon.) Judge Dan Moore (Henderson County)


Photo Source: Texas CPS Corruption on


Photo Source: Texas CPS Corruption on


Victory for man and woman–

“parents” and “child”–

in Athens, Texas Courtroom of (Hon.) Judge Dan Moore (Henderson County)

Good morning cats, this is mouse speaking.  Author of this blog is  happy, although rather shocked, to report that there is still at least one (1) judge left who is worthy of his honorable title. Congratulations to (Hon.) Judge Dan Moore for supporting, defending, and upholding his constitutional oath of office and properly restoring property rights to natural man and woman–“parents”–and to a little man, a “child!”

Child “protective” services (“CPS”) properly pulled out of a case in which they had no business in the first place thanks to (Hon.) Judge Dan Moore and his court and clerks and officers licensed by the Texas State Bar refused to be a “cuckhold” unto them, or perhaps in spite of them.  Man refused to do case plan where it was involuntary.  Yet, both parents had their property restored.   It’s a great day in Athens, Texas (Henderson) County for real Texas justice, but it’s still a sad day in “Muddville” for the millions of women and small men and woman–“mothers” and “children”– who have been robbed of their property, some who have not seen it in years in fact, by rogue criminals who attended South Texas College of Law (and other infamous institutions around this Republic US) and continue to pilfer the “state” of Texas coffers and public integrity, justice, and fairness.  When one lawyer or advocate was asked in particular about the results of a situation in another notorious county in Texas, said lawyer or advocate had this to say–“They do things kind of __ __ __ ___ ____ ___-up there.”  Real mommies and daddies of the Real America, Sovereigns for whom public officials work and for whom and by whom they are employed–men, women, “parents,” and children– have reached a consensus on the matter.  We agree, loudly!

The new Nuremburg trials have yet to be recorded, but appear to be imminent and reasonably foreseeable to perpetrators and their co-conspirators who would war with the Federal US Constitution and Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence (“life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”) and right of common and divine, natural law.  “Woe Unto You Pharisees and Scribes” who deny justice to the poor, women, widows, and “children”–those most in need of justice for whom indeed the concept was originally intended and for whom it were designed (Matthew 23:13-23,  The Holy Bible, all real versions, “weightier matters”).  One may not properly exercise “jurisdiction” over “parties” and give back a gift that it has not itself given, for this would be a federal and “state” law crime–theft and larceny among other things.

Congratulations again to the Honorable Judge Dan Moore in the 173rd Judicial District Court of Henderson County, Texas  and to his court, to court-appointed attorney  who actually did her job and continued to help man, woman, and child after judgment was rendered (even though judgment of Child Protective Services is still highly suspect and flawed not only on it’s face, but also in light of the evidence which will be demonstrated and decided).

Congratulations also to woman, man, and to little man–“father” and “child.”  Know that you have been granted a great blessing and pardon from above due to your High status and responsibility to little man, a blessing that has been denied to millions who had committed no crimes and were indeed accused of none before having property stolen and some ordered to pay to see them (another federal crime).  It appears as though the Real Judge up Above and our Real Lawyer/Advocate decided that dues had been paid.  Happy ending, and many warm blessings.  God takes care of real mommies and daddies, in this, I have real faith and experience.

To the ad litem attorney for parent:  I liked you until you discredited and re-victimized with your pre-judgment and words, as alleged of course, not proven.  This is all too common.  You’re obviously ugly on the inside and out.  Catty woman Harpy from He_ _ (double hockey stick) who denigrates her own species!


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