i second that motion and emotion; Another Petition to Remove Judge Lisa Millard from the Bench; Regards from the Lion Who Watches the Eagle Who Watches the “Mongoose” (Greg B. Enos, Atty.), who watches the brood of vipers in the courts






Oh, goody.  The votes on this petition might actually help account for the 1,000 votes that disappeared from the last petition tally overnight.  Yes, others are watching the watchers.

Cheers to the author of this petition.  Did you know that Judge Lisa Millard in Houston, Texas (Harris County) and her assistant judge, Conrad Moren, also know many other pernicious crimes like bribery, as reported or alleged by more than one mother, aiding and abetting kidnappers, protecting alleged pedophiles and child traffickers, verbal assault on a witness, failure to adhere to constitutional oath of office which she confesses regularly on and off official and unofficial court record, abuse of office and title, racketeering and federal R.I.C.O. crimes, obstruction of justice, wrongful suppression of evidence, abuse of procedure, domestic terrorism, fraud, both implicit and explicit, crimes of “immunity,” prosecutorial misconduct, intentional suppression of exculpatory and inculpatory evidence, refuses to comply with demands for jury that she has otherwise promised on court record (official and unofficial) and also for any (or) all findings of fact and conclusions of law to support her client(father’s) heavily bank-rolled decisions, egregious crimes of injustice, inhumanity, unfairness, inequity, and, as reported, alleged, or opined by others with firsthand, actual, legal knowledge, allegedly engages in radical and extreme gender, socioeconomic, and racial disparity or discrimination (both female and male bias, depending upon whomever holds the proverbial purse strings or is represented by a more powerful friend or contributor/voter of hers), Sovereignty, natural citizens, parents and children, treason, misprision, legislating from the bench, upholding bills of attainder, threats of false imprisonment or kidnapping, collaboration/conspiracy not unlike Judge Elizabeth Coker and Judge Denise Pratt, both whom resigned or were forced to resign with more dignity than Millard, tampering with government documents, abuse of process, subornation of perjury, witness tampering, ex-parte queen, fiduciary and other fraud, double, triple-dipping in federal funds to serve self and special interest lobbyists that help fund her phony judicial campaign that is run as a front for the Red Party under the alias “Republican Party?”  It’s true.  Both she and Conrad Moren are exposed.  Signed, the Lion that watches the eagle, that watches the “mongoose” (Greg B. Enos, Atty.), that watches the brood of vipers in the courts in and around Harris County (Houston), Texas.  One (Friendly) Question, Mr. “Mongoose”:  Was that the voice of “unflappable” associate judge on your Twelve Days of Christmas post on The Mongoose blog who arrogantly wrote, “Thank you, Greg, we appreciate the ‘work’ you do for ‘us.’?”  Regardless, what does this speaker propose to mean, or, rather boast about, when he or she writes, and I am paraphrasing here, “It is no use trying to fight it, their taking over is inevitable?”  Is this person referring to a certain “Party” not of their own, yet, for whom they are consistently making criminal rulings for under threat of losing pensions and positions, exposure or blackmail/extortion, or even worse, of their own free will and volition with a voluntary spirit with sufficient knowledge of harm?  I claim dibs on front row seats at the “New” Nuremburg Trials–which may or may not be “imminent.”  The MSM and disinformation propagandists appear to purposefully leave out the most powerful “Party” of all, which this Author aspires to represent faithfully, earnestly, and steadfastly.  On any given day, it is anyone’s game!  “Take heart and have courage,” for the Kingdom of Heaven is near, and He shall come like a thief in the night.”  Are you ready to not look back or hold onto anything of this world?  Thanks to official oppression and total deprivation untolled, yet being tolled, this Author has died to the Righteous Fight.  Cliches are sometimes true, in this case, “Good always Triumphs over Evil in the End.”  “Invictus,” my Friends.  It is not too late to join the Good, winning, Triumphant Team.  Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint (another cliche from the grand tradition of a certain Circuit has  underestimated and under-esteemed by other Circuits not so empowered).  Just remember that the Lord enabled the Assyrians and Babylonians to oppress others specifically to set them up for their own Fall.  Now that is useful ancient wisdom illumined and mysterious, and most powerful.


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