Texas Injustice and Dirty DA’s in Tyler

TEXAS INJUSTICE…A FAMILY TRADITION: Kerry Max Cook Sent to Death Row for Twenty-Two (22) Years for a Murder the Prosecutor Knew he did not Commit in Smith County, Tyler, Texas





  Although there is an excellent autobiography by the unfortunate Mr. Kerry Max Cook and the crimes perpetrated against him by a notoriously corrupt Smith County (Tyler, Texas) crime family that still runs the courts and district attorney’s office, the following account by Frontline provides a concise re-cap of an injustice that should not be forgotten in the wake of the National Innocence Project and its focus on exonerating alleged innocent victims on death row.  Indeed, this is a real-life tale of the Shawshank Redemption anti-heroic, yet epic tale of endurance in suffering and injustice inflicted by incestuous, criminal, greed-mongering, hypocritical Pharisees with masochistic vices given free license to sodomize and deny justice and human rights and freedoms to entire populations in Texas.  Yet, Texas keeps getting richer while the rest of the nation takes one for the  collective team.

There is a reason for the 99.999% conviction rate (with bonuses and rewards for “enhancements” that one’s defense attorney will most likely secure for the criminals prosecuting your case for their own unconstitutional and unlawful, menacing misconduct claimed and “commissioned” in deputized money-gushing, skin-flint cheapskate “states” like Texas–the numbers are as phony as the dead or imaginary persons of legal fiction conjured on a voting recount in a critical election year in which an opposing party might actually vet a candidate that is in fact from the non-opposing party (an oxymoron).  Are these local Pharisees making as much money for the Feds as they are stealing from them and real Americans, Sovereign and divinely endowed by the Creator and subject to no man and/or otherwise harlot Harpy from He_ _ (double hockey stick) who happens to don a black robe and routinely betray her or his own gender, but most frequently when such defendant or respondent may be perceived as more credible, younger, and possibly better looking–an easy target for discrediting and neutralization as such defendant is usually of the highly tuned empathic sensibility that characterizes non-sociopaths and non-apaths who do feed off of the fervent and appropriately intense emotion and energy of the easy target who, unlike the Harpies, Furies, and Hellhounds whose natural habitat, rather, dark lair, is the family, juvenile, or criminal courtroom or prison does not need a sewing circle to validate her purpose and presence?

 Read Frontline’s  more judicious and objective synopsis not so tempered with righteous anger and indignation that must be spreading like the raging wildfires of that place from whence such Pharisees and oppressors are spawned.

Sidebar–to set the record straight, the “new” Texas, much like the old, discriminates equally between races, sexes, and socio-economic echelons, and mocks and jeers at all of their pain and suffering deliberately inflicted where any and all opportunities for unabashed cheating which they will always call winning beyond a reasonable doubt, or a preponderance of evidence, exists, unless of course it is one of their own kinfolk (wives and girlfriends excluded as they have been known to be killed for less than the cost of falsely imprisoning them or divorcing a good ole’ boy who, at some point or another in his illustrious dirty career chasing DUI/DWI’s and pursuing fake assault charges, may want to re-enact a scene from the movie “Deliverance.” This author can personally attest to the corruption in at least two courts in Harris County, Texas and one in Brazoria County, Texas (310th Court of elected Judge Lisa A. Millard and Associate Judge Conrad Moren and sundry clerks and personnel, and in the criminal 5th Harris County Court at “law” of Judge Margaret Stewart Harris and her best friend, Tonya Rolland (McClaughlin), formerly of the notoriously corrupt crew that succeeded the legendary D.A., Mr Johnny Holmes, none other than Mr. D.A. Charles/”Chuck” A. Rosenthal), and the 300th Court of Judge K. Randall/”Randy” Hufstetler in Angleton, Texas (who it has been reported to Author by others of firsthand, actual knowledge and direct testimony regarding “Randy” does, in their opinion, discriminate on the basis of skin color and lack of material wealth, or even regarding names that end in vowels).  Then again, the Houston (Harris County) court “jurists” may be more sophisticated at pretending to conceal their discrimination and loathing of anyone with real intelligence who they must know can smell their incompetence, incestuous, conflicted relationships, racketeering and abusive, criminal masochistic schemes, artifices, and deviant behaviors a mile away from the 77002 zip code that might as well end in triple sixes. Author’s opinion is that it was precisely this well-practiced and long-studied sophistication at  well-rehearsed, routine, generic rook-job court proceedings designed to oppress the innocent and reward the highest bidder and/or parent with a callous indifference and unconscionable reckless disregard for the reasonably foreseeable harmful consequences to children and families which are naturally predisposed to replication in the lives of future progeny of victims in a vicious cycle that necessitated the “resignation” or ousting of former Harris County family and civil court Judge of the 311th Court, the amateur, novice, inefficient, and not so well-rehearsed or calmly deranged Denise Pratt so as not to draw attention to her more refined and outwardly unassuming Machiavellian colleagues such as Judge Lisa Millard and Associate Judge Conrad Moren in the neighboring 310th Court of Harris County in Houston, Texas.

Is this the voice of bitterness one may detect?  Nah, one need only file it in the stereotypical  whiskey cabinet next to the tattered brown or Mead blue file folder on escape clauses of last resort that are so generously legislated and doled by the mysteriously silent and eerily non-prosecutorial Texas Commission on Judicial (Mis)Conduct for so many Pharisees who resign or seek help based on alleged “addictive” diseases with a white label, that reads, “Righteous” Anger (Ephesians 4:26, The Holy Bible, all real versions).  For, if one should injure the brother or sister of Author of this blog, naturally, one of the Lord’s own, who then is not injuring the Lord Himself and corrupting the entire family tree?  “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13, The Holy Bible, real versions). Anyone who suffers the oppressive and unjust hand, theft, beating, or berating of a Texas judge, prosecutor, copper, “protector,” “advocate,” social worker, pedophile protector, sinecure court-appointed attorney, pseudo-scienter, stalker for hire/private investigator, sell-out “stool pigeon,” taker or solicitor of bribes, Bar member, or improperly empaneled “jury” member, and/or bearer of false witness, or government or alleged “non-for-profit” lobbyist degenerate, morally, legally, unlawfully, sanctimoniously catty, immature, infantile, and always repulsive to the mind and eye which is programmed to read the soul, is certainly a “friend” of Author of this blog, a woman subject only to God, who requires her property, now aged seven years, to be restored immediately by pressing of case at queen’s bench and by official recorder of any alleged court of record.

–Signed, Wanting and Aspiring to Be the “Shepherd,” but zealously willing to accompany the Archangel Michael as far as the Gates of “Hades” to fight to win back a loving soul or kindred spirit whose innocence may have been fatally defiled or sadistically and maliciously corrupted in this world by another Party member for “state” of Texas, for all hope is never truly Lost or Abandoned where there is a Faithful and Courageous Believer with the Heart of a Child and a Lion, with a Loving and Sweet Soul, and with a Truthful Spirit– eager prey, or bait, to the worldy savvy and worldly wise.  Like a flame waiting for the moths,…a mother sits in forebearing endurance and suffering with the painful, yet freeing and empowering knowledge that the worst thing they could do has already been done.  Author wonders what Mr. Kerry Max Cook waited for all those years he suffered innocent and alone in a dark prison while his oppressors feasted and danced on his grave in unconscionable ignorance and cruelty.

Note: It has been collectively and surreptitiously mapped, or zoned and labeled the “Golden Triangle” for its oil and natural gas.  It is called Texas, or, “Tejas,” which means “friend” in Spanish, and was named such a “state” in a dramatically ironic twist of fate (paradoxically, one might reverse the order in which one reads the word Texas or Tejas and arrive in the other Party’s circle of a certain other torrid region).  Home of “Black gold,” indeed it is, for The Bible forewarns that the men of this world–those with black hearts and souls– are more savvy and shrewd in matters of business than the children of God, and they are certainly not fools when it comes to “adopting” its gold (standard).  One should not let the church-going and religious small talk statutorily confined to matters of weather, fashion, and feigned morality and temperance which had to have been artfully and masterfully crafted to accompany the deceptively unrefined Southeast Texas, Gulf Coast region harsh and guttural German sounding, anti-mellifluous twang and slang fool one for a second should one find it necessary to tread upon this modern-day Babylon called “Texas,” which is appropriately close to the equator and deserving of a vacuous, flaming hot pit of fire.  To the degree that any real native Texan arrogantly boasts that he or she detests a “Yankee,” any such native “Texan” has revealed himself to be a “dandy” more aptly portrayed, perhaps, as a Rhett Butler who would rather ride[ behind a] real cowboy who protects the weak rather than prove himself to be a cowboy, or a real sheriff.  Posse comitatus, indeed.

The disappointing tragedy of the arrogantly initiated confederates (that is, actors recruited for blind or controlled studies and blind experiments) in Texas law enforcement and justice–that is, the rule, not any possible exceptions or otherwise “Yankees“– is that their very nature is blind and lacks the ability to see this tragically comical caricature that is so lastingly etched into the brick masonry of the institutions it has consecrated with unspeakable perversions of justice and morality, ignorance, malediction, malfeasance, criminal barratry, bribery, seditious conflicts of interests undisclosed, foolish pride, corruption and the blood of innocents.  This very criminal element paints the portrait of a “sociopath” and “narcissist” who appoints its own “therapists,” “evaluators,” and “friends” of the court.

For the real Texas gentleman who seem to congregate in “the great ‘state’ of Fort Worth,” Dallas,  and possibly other regions not in or around the Houston, Texas area to which Author of this blog has been condemned, Author intends no disrespect whatsoever, and looks forward to meeting such real Texans and/or cowboys, real southern gentleman who surely must exist somewhere in a “state” (hopefully of Grace) near Tejas, or, “Texas,”–friend…of sin and greed, black gold for black, lackluster hearts and souls predictably non-descript or uniform in appearance.



(1) This post is made in good faith and with actual firsthand knowledge of the information presented to be of firsthand knowledge by Author of this blog.

(2) Anyone who demands or deserves a correction or retraction should give Author of this blog notice and sufficient cause to justify the correction or retraction, regarding which, Author will lawfully and constitutionally abide.

(3) This post is intended solely for academic research and/or entertainment purposes.


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