“Homewrecker,” Matthew Horsley

Matthew Horsley, Homewrecker

Because this is too funny to resist, and because he (and she) were both begging for it, apparently, literally …


…and because real Mommies and Daddies of the real America and traditional values and morals do not or should at least not be proud of having these kinds of  “logs in one’s eyes,” and may be acting in righteous anger for what you have done to your child(ren), should you be so blessed to still have them with you (The Holy Bible, all real versions).

You know what they say about it [love], it’s the only disease for which the symptom is the cure!


“May you get what you want, may you want what you get” (commonly known maxim, original Author unknown)[emphasis added]!

(1)  This post was made in good faith on knowledge and belief that the legal, firsthand eye-witness who posted the matter as referenced and repeated above was so injured and/or harmed by aforesaid person(s) in said manner.  No evidence to the contrary exists on any public or private record known to author of this blog or post.

(2) If anyone requires or wishes to have any information in this post corrected, supplemented, further validated, and/or removed entirely, Author of this post and blog will certainly act within the bounds of reason and lawfulness upon such an opportunity and fair notice for correction or removal.

(3) The information contained in this post is only intended for entertainment purposes, and will hopefully serve as a deterrent to other wrongs inflicted upon society and its most valuable resources, or, “assets.”


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