“Feels So Right,” Alabama, 1980, 1981

“Feels So Right,” Alabama


Recorded in 1980, released on album, Feels So Right  in the summer of 1981 as Alabama’s second single; Performed by band Alabama, which had previously played as a cover-band for rock ‘n’ roll and country music legends, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Merle Haggard;

Written by Randy Owen (singer), and performed by Randy Owen, his cousin and bass guitarist Teddy Gentry, and Jeff Brook on guitar and fiddle.

Uploaded to Youtube.com by Michael Wilhelm on February 11, 2011 (Many thanks!)

Add this to Joni’s Awesome Mix Tape Under the Real Music Section on this Blog–real music being defined for the purposes of this blog as music that told a real story or made one feel or want to express real human emotion (quoting “When Music Told a Story,”  a segment on Kings of Comedy, Cedric the Entertainer or Steve Harvey).  One will find quite an eclectic blend under Joni’s Real Music/Awesome Mix Tape on this blog, but, nevertheless, there should be something for everyone if one has a real soul.

Although most of the music ( cited for entertainment purposes only on this blog) was recorded and released way before Author of this blog was born, its timelessness connects multiple generations to a certain point in history that must be preserved in the hopes that people and society will one day return to one of a soulful, more carefree, happier, more prosperous and productive, non-militaristic, fearless, passion-filled, adventurous, fervent, and meaningful existence.  The next generation deserves no less than the grand illusion.  Hans Christian Anderson once wrote, “Life, the most beautiful fairy tale of all.”   As  “Anyone who says money isn’t important never had any,” so, too must it be true that anyone who doesn’t want the fairy tale contained in what has been termed, “the grand illusion” of the baby-boomer generation that connotes traditional American freedom and individuality, and the romance it engendered, author posits that such a one has never lived it.  Author  truly pities any such banal and static existence in as much as this state-of-mind  exists and which may be contagious.  Author aims to help them “change” as a natural agent of our Divine Creator and the limitless imagination with which He endowed humanity.  It was always about the journey and the destination.  One will need an awesome mix tape to take along on that ride.  Perhaps for some that awesome mix tape is an eight-track or a turntable (ha-ha)!  Cheers, rock-on, and let the music play and never end!

Disclaimer:  Author of this blog does not own the copyright to this music, but rather intends this post to be solely for entertainment purposes.







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