Children Sent to Reprogramming Camp if they Refuse to Recant Allegations of Sexual Abuse by Father

 “Children Sent to ‘Reprogramming Camp’ if they Refuse to Recant Allegations of Sexual Abuse by Father”

Published January 10, 2011

San Diego, California

iCNN unverified

Click on the link above or try cutting and pasting into your Internet browser or entering manually to access this comprehensive article filled with hyperlinks to other relevant source material on what has commonly been referred to among insiders forced to live this Orwellian nightmare–survivors if not warriors who refuse to accept “defeat”–as “America’s Dirtiest Little Secret.”

America has been conditioned to believe that allegations of sexual abuse and/or child abuse are nothing more than a bitter parent’s cliched attempts to win child custody or divorce or domestic disputes/battles in a wicked attempt to use their own children as pawns in their own selfish and obsessive battle over control, power, wealth, and assets.   Perhaps this has been the case for many, and if so, Author of this blog and post is sincerely sorry for your own battle of a different motivation.

  It may be tough to see things any other way after such a violative deception.  We feel the same way.  We are in many ways, on the same side. Open your rational minds, hearts, and critical thinking skills and read plight that so many of us have had to endure because of those who also deceived those of you on the other side of what many father’s will refer to as “the oldest trick in the book.”  Indeed, author had to hear this comment last night, knowing, that, at least in her case, nothing could be further from the truth to the best of her knowledge in good faith and as repeated by her five year-old son.  If anyone fooled us, it was the father and the private play therapist who, in the alternative, told my five year old to repeat the unspeakable to numerous “professionals,” which his doctor made sure we reported, as he said it was the law, and we had to, or otherwise implied that we would be in trouble with the law/”child protective services.”


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