Thin Blue Line Accepts Blood Money to “Catch” You and Your Family in at Least Thirteen States: Is Your “Catchment” Zone On the List?

MENTAL HEALTH ENFORCEMENTS.BJA.csg_statewidelemh (66 pages)

Statewide Law Enforcement/Mental Health Efforts: Strategies to Support and Sustain Local Initiatives

Source:  U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance (“BJA”), Justice Center, The Council of “State” Governments (“CSG’s), December 2012; lemh.pdf;

Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Utah, and Virginia–These are the “states” just  that the US government officially disclosed that have been implementing innovative new strategies, policies, procedures, collaborations, and massive mental health reports, coding, and commitments to capitalize on its human assets–real America families.  Included in this genius strategy for the “thin blue line” to enforce the US president and federal government’s dialectical, incremental, Marxian-Socialist control mechanisms to enslave and pilfer [from] its people in the tradition of all totalitarian regimes was no doubt substantial blood money.    Why else would America’s finest want to turn on its own people?  It certainly wouldn’t be for self-serving, masochistic, authoritarian, ego-maniacal Napoleon complexes, now would it?  No, their motives are always altruistic in the same way that “best interest” standards regarding children are considered in administrative kangaroo courts of substantively void and nonsensical judgments that are subjected to a host of conflicting loyalties, biases, lobbying interests, judicial campaign funds, and Federal Health and Human Services Department “Responsible Fatherhood” grants and “state” discretion to steal from the Federal Social Security Act “Temporary Assistance for Needy Families,” or, “TANF” funds to dole to attorneys to defend  father’s, buy not mothers,  under the guise of “social-economic” “state” policy that is premised on completely unfounded and sweeping generalizations that compartmentalize single mothers (not necessarily by choice) with small, adoptable children, or even just one, as “welfare moms” even when they are not receiving any kind of assistance.

These “state” “social and economic policy interests” and dangerous fallacies blatantly discriminate against and are contrary to, at the very least, but are not limited to, Fourteenth Amendment constitutional and civil rights to equal protection of the laws for all federally “protected classes,” and to procedural due process of law requiring fundamentally fair procedures and rulings which, if not overt, are certainly implied (See also  Ninth Amendment, Federal US Constitution and incorporated Bill of Rights via ratification and application of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Federal, US Constitution and incorporated Bill of Rights).

If it can be fairly said and supported with statistically significant, valid, and reliable data correctly analyzed given the “totality of circumstances” (citing  Texas Family Code regarding unconstitutional, thus, unlawful and wrongful child kidnapping/trafficking/”removal” for profit of government officials acting in individual and official capacities), that there was an unfair war against fathers for way too long to collect child support, imprison them, and ruin their lives and families, then Author of this post and blog strongly urges readers--real Americans and real Mommies, Daddies, and any other capable of such open-mindedness and prudence, wisdom, and caution who, in the alternative, leave themselves and their own families open to the same tyranny-to accept, or to at least, further research the current war on women and their children.

Please also research how this war is backed by approximately fifty billion dollars per year that gets funneled through, among other people, persons, and/orthings,  family and juvenile court and law enforcement “collaborative,” “unified,”systems, “state” offices of the Attorney General, Offices of Child Support Enforcement (“OCSE’s”), federal, state block grant funding for adoptions, Crime Victim’s Assistance Funds oftentimes misused or manufactured altogether, and “Safe” “access and visitation” to children programs which are inherently unconstitutional as no Sovereign, natural citizen and their children claiming God-given, natural and common law rights can lawfully be subjected to such oppression, especially, as in most cases Author has experienced and observed, without any finding or even allegation of a crime or parental unfitness save for a malicious and bitter, legally abusive perjurist–unfortunately, the other parent who has financial incentive, among others, to falsely swear to false allegations in affidavits for temporary or permanent restraining and/or protective order.  Finally,  read and learn about how “non-for-profit” (for families,) but for profit for companies, judges, lawyers, attorneys, therapists, social workers, police officers, magistrates, grantees for “SAFE” access, and governments’ bank accounts (including offshore and foreign) that secure lobbying votes, campaign donations, favorable rulings and referrals and kickbacks and appointments in ad litem and otherwise sinecure appointments factor into this complex, multivariate equation of strategic torture, re-victimization, “best practices” (for “best interest” the “state” has in your children’s financial Social Security and Federal and “state” and local fiduciary incentives), social experimentation/Eugenics/Social Darwinism/eventually death panels that have already been convened in above-mentioned “Crisis Intervention Programs” designed to get as many names in the database to serve such maleficent and self-serving, profiteering, capitalistic design–a trap into which those who laid it will certainly themselves fall (Proverbs 26:27, The Holy Bible, all real versions).

Click on the blue “pdf” with the “thin blue line” underneath at the top of this post to begin the first stage of preparation to take back the real America, peaceably of course, by arming oneself and one’s family, if so blessed as to be applicable,  with knowledge to inspire the mighty power of the pen or “sword” and the “Girdle of Truth” (Ephesians 6, The Holy Bible, all real versions).

Note: This post was inspired in association with the kidnapping of my only child, my son, who was then five years old at the time, and with whom I have had no meaningful contact whatsoever in over two years, that, incidentally, involved one complicit police officer in particular in Pearland, Texas (just outside of Houston) named Paul Elton who noted that he thought about calling the “mental health deputy” for exercising my constitutional right to, inter alia, or, among others,  be free from government intrusion and not subject my only child to someone who was at the time being investigated in another county for allegations of sexual abuse/assault/misconduct against said child.  Please be cautioned that this could happen to anyone, and most likely will if one doesn’t oppose it and actively defend against it to the degree permitted–to which one’s life is protected and valued.

Take heart and have courage (The Holy Bible, repeated throughout, all real versions)!  ...but not just because such advice happens to be written in The Bible, especially if one does not, for whatever reasons, believe in reading The Bible.


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