Complaint to the DOJ: Harris County Corruption in Houston, Texas (RE-POST, CENSORED)| CORRUPT TX


Demands for Intervention of the US Justice Department in Harris County State and Federal Corrpution.

To:  U.S. Attorney’s Office

Date: April, 20th, 2013

Southern District of Texas
1000 Louisiana, Ste. 2300
Houston, TX 77002
Subject:  Request for Entry of the U.S. Justice Department
nt as a “Matter of Interest” into Harris County Writ, Cause Number Case No. 785381-C, 209th District Court of Harris County.
Dear Sirs,
At the present time, I am involved in a Writ of Habeas Corpus matter with the Harris County Courts.  We are filing this Texas case concerning official Texas corruption going back to 1989 and continuing for over 20 years.  The first writ was concealed by a combination of corrupt Harris County DA’s and equally corrupt Harris County Judges.
The current action being filed involves numerous Harris County Judges including Mike McSpadden of the 209th Harris County Courts (Houston) and numerous Harris County Judges in several Houston courts.  The court action also focuses on numerous organized crime “cover-ups” with two of the past Harris County District Attorneys before it reached the current District Attorney, Pat Lykos, who has now left office. 
The claims involve me, as a father, and as a Director of Texans for Justice. A Texas Non-Profit Organization demanding Court Reform, Federal investigations into allegations of corruption and “bribes” concerning Texas Family Court Judges and their links with various organized crime groups, corrupt attorneys and the Office of the Harris County District Attorney.  It also exposes actual organized crime operations condoned by the OHCDA which occurred in Harris County, Texas, Arizona and Mexico condoned by select Texas and Federal agencies.
The complaint advises that key personnel of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office knowingly used perjured testimony and false evidence to obtain felony convictions against me in an attempt to silence me concerning their own corruption and organized crime links.  They also wanted me silence to cover-up corrupt Harris County Judges who actually falsified court documents and concealed writs and motions in additional attempts to silence me.  During these periods, myself and my family have been the victims of repeated death threats ignored by Harris County law enforcement.
These corruption allegations have been a long term action against the Harris County District Attorneys offices, in which numerous prosecutors have been involved in illegal activity and Baker violations for years in attempts to conceal their operations.  On the latest attempt, I was tried and convicted (based on perjury and false evidence) for Felony Non-Support of my children, while hundreds of thousands of dollars of my “sole assets” were stolen and held by Texas organized crime elements and my the OHCDA themselves.
Part of this illegal Vendetta resulted when I exposed corruption in the District Attorney’s office and the Houston Courts regarding the off-shore bank accounted by Judges, for supplying federal officials with “off shore” bank accounts of counts of Harris County Judges.  These charges also included the cover up by the DA’s office on the seizure of an attempted shipment of stolen machine guns and silencers from Houston, through Phoenix, to terrorist groups and “death squads” in Mexico by Houston criminal groups (Members of the Fertitta Family).

Throughout this ordeal, these criminal groups openly boasted of their close affiliation and control of Harris County District Attorney, Johnny Holmes, Chuck Rosenthal, and Rosenthal’s FBI wife, Special Agent Cindy Rosenthal, who issued FBI letters of clearance to the Mexican Government allowing the use of my companies for bribes to foreign officials by Shelby Fertitta and other criminal parties.
This Writ advises of the District Attorney’s retaliation against me, reques

rooked Harris county judges, Harris County DA “slush” accounts, and the illegal activities by members of the Fertitta Crime Family, concealed and condoned by Chuck Rosenthal, and his various underlings.

After my attorneys were able to break Harris County District Attorneys fifteen year refusals to provide document under the “Texas Open Records Act”, massive political and judicial corruption was revealed, although much of the evidence was illegally shredded by Harris County investigators when it was demanded.  Only after District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal was forced to resign to avoid Federal prosecution, claiming drug induced problems, were records finally released to us.  These records included boxes of documents and evidence stolen from my Houston offices in burglaries, approved and concealed by Harris County Prosecutors for over 15 years, showing a long period of unbelievable corruption, not only with the Harris County DA, but with the Harris County Courts.
Unbelievably, these boxes of evidence were also concealed during not one, but two Federal Civil Rights lawsuits filed I filed against the Harris County DA’s office.  This concealment of evidence to the Federal Courts in Federal lawsuits is a long term District Attorney practice, which was the same thing which finally brought an end to former District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal, who tried to conceal and lie to the bitter end in other Federal Civil Rights actions.  These actions during two of my Federal Civil Rights lawsuits are major Federal violations.
These documents recovered under the Texas Open Records Act, showed that the Harris County DA’s office was aware that the evidence submitted to the Texas State Courts was totally fraudulent. They also showed that key members of the DA’s office had links to Texas Organized Crime Families (the Fertitta’s) and were seeking prosecution against an innocent person to silence him and for the benefit of their own criminal operations.  These actions also included threats to state and federal witnesses in an attempt to cover their various continued criminal operations.  It also showed that the Harris County DA’s office was active in assisting the Fertitta Crime Family in money laundering and the shipment of stolen machineguns to known terrorist groups in Latin America, which was known to FBI and ATF elements in Houston.
Key Points Contained in the Writ which should be of extreme interest to the U.S. Justice Department includes:
1.Prosecutors’ assistance in international blackmail and extortion by admitted organized crime elements.  This involved the use knowingly fraudulent documents used by the OHCDA to file bogus charges to assist admitted Texas organized crime groups and the Fertitta Family in international blackmail and extortion.
2.Perjury requested by District Attorney Personnel, and subsequent attempted cover-ups of this perjury.
3.Falsification and concealment of court documents, submitted to the Courts.
4.Prosecutors assisting in the cover-ups of launderings operations in “Bogus” bank accounts in Houston, and other cover-ups with other Texas State agencies in Houston.  These bank accounts in the name of Al Johnson International were used for the bribery of Mexican officials by members of the Texas organized crime groups. 
5.Prosecutors assisting in the cover-up of the theft and attempted smuggling of stolen machineguns being shipped into Mexico and “Death Squads” by personal friends and associates of key Harris County prosecutors.
6.Prosecutors assisting in the cover up of the printing of over $800 Million in bogus US securities by Shelby Fertitta in Houston which were distributed internationally.
7.Prosecutors assisting in cover-ups of aggravated assault, terrorist threats, and perjury.
8.Prosecutors entering into agreements with convicted drug dealers, burglars and other criminals to burglarize the Offices of Al Johnson and Texans for Justice repeatedly to secure files against Rosenthal, Harris County Judges and the District Attorneys Office.  Stolen files were found in the possession of the Office of the Harris County DA which will confirm these allegations.
9.Threats against state and federal witnesses by Harris County prosecutors.  Threats and conduct intended to terrify.  Assistance in cover-ups of money laundering in Harris County by members of the Fertitta Family.
10.The use of over $50 million dollars in knowingly fraudulent Government securities submitted to Texas Courts as evidence to frame me.
11.The use of fraudulent bank records submitted by prosecutors in Texas Courts to frame me. 
12.Prosecutors providing false information to the courts to block legal visitation with me and my children.
13.The use of falsified Harris County lab tests in an attempt to frame Johnson.
14.Harris County Prosecutors and Judges committing massive Civil Rights Violations.  (Covered by concealment of Court Documents in State and Federal Courts).

15.Prosecutors’ assistance in burglaries, illegal searches, and the open violation of my constitutional rights.
16.Prosecutors Malicious Prosecution against me and groups politically against John Holmes, Chuck Rosenthal or their financial supporters.
17.The cover-ups, and non-prosecution of criminal activity of Judges and public officials of
Harris County.
18.Theft and attempted conversion of recovered, stolen private property by the Office of the Harris County District Attorney for their own financial profit.  This includes malicious and fraudulent prosecution in an attempt to justify these thefts, and the falsification of documents submitted to the Courts.
19. Prosecutors assistance in the repeated burglaries of the offices of Texans for Justice, this included the receiving of these stolen documents and property exposing criminal conduct of Harris County DA’s and organized crime groups, which were taken in these burglaries.
20.The shredding of court documents by District Attorney employees to conceal their criminal operations.
I have been living overseas for the past several years due to continued death threats against me and my associates from members of the Fertitta Crime Family and the continued harassment from Harris County prosecutors assisting these criminal groups.
Due to the massive number of blatant Federal violations and matters which will reflect on the US Government when these matters are exposed internationally, we are requesting that your office review the writ filed and officially enter into this matter as a “Matter of Interest” for possible Federal prosecution.
My Houston attorneys have made this request with full documentation of the writ and evidence they have, but have gotten no commitment from your agency.  Supposedly, some member of your office advised that “you cannot investigate yourselves”, which I totally do not understand.
I am enclosing national operational guidelines from the US Justice Department website concerning these type matters and Justice Department enforcement.  Does your office work on a different agenda?
Both I and my Houston attorneys are waiting for your response on this matter.  If these criminal conditions are something condoned by Federal agencies in Houston and Texas, I will be moving all Quantum operations out of Texas and advise the foreign governments with whom I am dealing exactly of the reasons this is being done.  I will be exposing these disgraceful operations with every foreign Government with whom I am dealing.
Thank you for your immediate cooperation and explanation.
Al Johnson
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Source:, Author appears to be Al Johnson or his representative


(1)  Author of this blog and this post has no affiliation with source or other parties affiliated with the above-referenced information found on the public Internet, and does not necessarily agree with any or all of statements and allegations contained therein, nor does Author have knowledge of accuracy or truth of such allegations, statements, beliefs, impressions, opinions, hearsay, etc.

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(5)  If anyone desires, requests, or demands correction and/or retraction of any information contained in this post, one should submit such request/demand/desire along with a certified declarations signed it such a person’s wet-ink signature with supporting documentation and legal and factual bases and fair notice so that Author of this post and blog has the opportunity to correct or retract in writing to Author of this blog immediately.  Author will be happy to oblige reasonable requests or demands.

Note:  Author of this blog and post expressly denies that there is any real or alleged “Mafia” regarding allegations made by Mr. Johnson and/or his representatives.  To the best of my completely uninformed, uninitiated opinion, to the degree that the mainstream media reports allow, any alleged real “Mafiosi” were imprisoned for allegedly doing what the current government does on a daily basis and on many levels.  Author takes no responsibility for any irresponsible and possibly untruthful allegations regarding any Houston, Texas specific crime family as contained in Mr. Johnson’s entertaining or made with personal knowledge hearsay allegations. Specifically, I have no “beef” with anyone not directly and possibly indirectly linked to the kidnapping, abuse, and emotional torture of my only child, who, on May 08, 2012, after making real or planted allegations of sexual abuse against his father and “The Visitor–‘a homeless teenager with black, spiky hair,'” etc…–to myself and many professionals who believed my son and who continues to be held hostage by rogue criminals and possible sociopaths with narcissistic personality disorder to the degree that such labels are reliable predictors of behavior and/or symptoms and patterns of behavior.

In fact, what Harris and Brazoria County has unfortunately taught me and my son, who is now seven years old, yet still five years old in my mind because that is when they abducted him,  is to immediately doubt and question the criminality, I mean, “integrity” and “honor” of law enforcement, judges, clerks, and so many other “licensed professionals” for the “state” of Texas in favor of giving those who have been  imprisoned the benefit of the doubt.  Pharisees, prosecutors, DA’s, private investigators, “attorners,” “child advocates,” “non-for-profits,” lobbyists, and Law enforcement and related “community partners,” “key stakeholders,” and others who receive money and pensions to steal children and sell them into abuse, child trafficking, pedophilia, and many other criminal activities while they selfishly go home and have dinner with their own children and get to hug them before putting them to bed at night are, in the minds of most people now–law-abiding citizens who love their country and relied on the honesty and expectations of fair, unbiased, real justice without sufficient knowledge of legal language ambiguities and semantics–fraud, implicit and explicit–guilty until proven innocent.  Sad.  Disappointing.

Fair Use and Legal Disclaimer (PROMINENTLY DISPLAYED):

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