Karl Lentz–“Man’s”– Transcripts


Many thanks to “Richard” for informing Author of this blog regarding Karl Lentz and his educational and general knowledge and entertainment provided in the pdf. above.

More Fun with Karl Lentz Material:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZ1fOORFFT8 (Karl Lentz and Brian Gerrish Interview in the UK, Video, Posted by “Cip 1883” on Jan. 08, 2014 of the “Cip and Kev” Radio Show, 6-8PM UK time)


( Lawyer Calls In to Karl Lentz and Argues UCC and slavery puts man under government control and then hangs-up the telephone with a threat)


(Archived Recordings of Karl Lentz live talkshows)


Karl Lentz Website:  http://www.Broadmind.org, regardking “UnKommon Law”

Talkshow: 9PM Saturday Nights (EST?)-127469= Call Number

Note:  If anyone has trouble accessing the material above when clicking on the link, just try cutting and pasting and/or manually entering the link into your web browser.


(1) Author of this blog and post is not a licensed, board-certified specialist attorney, lawyer, paralegal, legal practitioner, trial advocate, thus, Author could not possibly be qualified to give “legal advise” of any kind to another.

(2) This post is intended only for educational and general knowledge purposes and/or for entertainment purposes.

(3) Author of blog reserves the right to claim constitutional First Amendment rights to freely associate, to freedom of speech, and to peaceable assembly in this forum, and the right to privacy– “to be left alone from government intrusion”–and to both “unalienable” and “inalienable” rights (US Constitution and incorporated Bill of Rights as incorporated, implied, and applied via ratification and application of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Federal, US Constitution and Bill of Rights).

(4) This post is made in good faith.

Caution: If anyone uses above educational and general knowledge and/or entertainment through any acts and/or omissions, one does so at one’s own risk.



  1. Thanks, David. Super cool! I have trouble hearing the audio on the calls on talkshoe.com as well. I did enjoy the Youtube.com interview Karl did with Brian Gerrish in the UK, though. I will include the link on the post. Also, I am still unsure if the 9PM Saturday evening talkshow to which one can call in and speak with Karl is EST, PST, CST, or Mountain, but I am guessing EST, so probably 8PM/CST.???

    Are you also trying to restore your property of the little kind?


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