“Dirty DA’s” Series: Corruption in Harris County, Texas (Houston), as Alleged by Cited Source

This is an old News Release from Texans for Justice concerning corruption within the Offices of the Harris County District Attorney involving (than) Assistant District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal.  Rosenthal later became District Attorney, and later resigned to avoid Federal prosecution for assorted charges.  In this matter he protected various Organized Crime Families in Texas in their arms smuggling operations to drug and terrorist groups murdering hundreds of police and innocent parties in Mexico.
On March 18th, 1993, Assistant District Attorney Terry Wilson, acting at the request of Chuck Rosenthal, falsified court documents and filed bogus seizure proceedings against Alfred E. Johnson, to assist Shelby Ranly, a female friend of his, and Rosenthal in a blackmail and extortion plot against Johnson.
In addition, both Rosenthal and Wilson blocked Houston police investigations of complaints registered against Ranly.  Rosenthal’s wife, Cindy Rosenthal, acting as Chief Division Counsel for the Houston Office of the FBI also assisted her husband and Ranly in this matter by giving Ranly a letter advising of a clean “bill of health” for Ranly for her use in the Mexico criminal activity.
At Rosenthal’s direction Wilson requested other Harris County District Attorney’s to file fraudulent charges against the Johnson in an attempt to obtain a felony conviction against the complainant, to justify his illegal seizure of over $700,000.00 of Johnson’s property stolen from him.  These machine guns were stolen by Ranly who attempted to have them smuggled into Mexico, but this was discovered.  Rosenthal and Wilson were able to cover up all the criminal conduct Shelby Ranly.  This was substantiated by memorandums distributed by his investigators at his request to other Harris County District Attorney’s, including Assistant District Attorney Stacy Wadsworth, who was a Defendant in Civil Rights lawsuits filed with the Federal Courts, and claimed immunity of prosecution as a defense.

Additionally, Rosenthal and Wilson blocked investigations and criminal charges against Ranly concerning her money laundering activities in Houston, in which she has passed over $1.8 Million Dollars through various Houston area banks, and counting her assistance to other Mexican drug dealers in starting accounts in the United States.

The conduct of Chuck Rosenthal, Terry Wilson, and Cindy Rosenthal represents the height of criminal activity, organized crime, and RICO violations, but all attempts to expose this activity has been blocked by his claims of judicial immunity.  A civil rights action was filed against Wilson and others for these activities, and was dismissed by the U.S. Federal Court, Southern District of Texas when Wilson and others in the District Attorneys Office were granted complete absolute immunity for their criminal acts, and Johnson was denied any and all discovery, or interrogatories.  This ruling was appealed to the Fifth Court of Appeals, but right before the filing deadline, the offices of Al Johnson were burglarized with all appeal documents stolen.  It was later learned that this burglary was arranged and condoned by the Office of the Harris County District Attorney who received various stolen documents.
Wilson, Rosenthal, and his wife may be exempt from responsibility for their criminal activity from the federal court, but they have totally violated his responsibilities to the State Bar of Texas, and as an alleged Officer of the Court, and should be disbarred.
In September of 1995, Johnson learned that Terry Wilson, of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office had ordered the Houston Police Department not to investigate the allegations of theft, extortion, money laundering, and gunrunning, made by Al Johnson against Shelby Ranly.  Johnson later learned that this was directed by Chuck Rosenthal.  Johnson was advised of this fact by the Lt. Watt of the Robbery Detail of the Houston Police Department when Johnson requested to speak with the detective assigned to the extortion complaint filed by him on February 10th, 1993.  It was also Terry Wilson who had interceded for Ranly, in seizing various automatic weapons stolen by Ranly, concealed the forged shipping orders, and falsified the shipping date, so that she would not be subjected to federal charges or a federal Grand Jury for illegal arms shipments and other federal weapons violations committed by her.
Ranly had extensive contacts with the Office of the Harris County District Attorney, and particular, Rosenthal and Terry Wilson, had already been able to stop the police investigation into this theft.  In addition she had been able to fabricate bogus charges, against Johnson with her personal contacts within the District Attorney’s Office, in retaliation for Johnson’s refusal to comply with her threats and extortion attempts.  None of her allegations of criminal conduct by Johnson were ever investigated by the police, but warrants were “rubber stamped” with the assistance of Rosenthal, Wilson and others.
Ranly stole the entire inventory of Class III (Fully Automatic) weapons from the offices of Al Johnson and Al Johnson International, and was attempting to blackmail the Complainant into using his companies, federal licenses, reputation and expertise in various illegal operations both in the United States and overseas.
Ranly stole these weapons, falsifying shipping orders, and had the crates labeled as “parts” prior to sending them to the Mail Center at 5757 Westheimer, in preparation for their illegal shipment to Arizona, then to Mexico, where they had been sold to various members of the Mexican Drug Cartels.  All of the weapons stolen were the sole and separate property of the Johnson, as shown in all registration filed under the National Firearms Act Branch in Washington D.C., The United States Treasury, and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.
Once these weapons were transported to Mexico, Ranly intended to have Johnson blamed for this illegal sale, as he was out of the country in Guatemala, and had already reported the weapons as stolen with ATF and the Houston Police Department.

Johnson learned on March 8th, 1993 through an informant in Guatemala City, by the name of Robert Ellis, that these stolen machine guns were now packed in crates and labeled as “parts” with forged shipping orders, to go to Arizona, then to be transported by car to Mexico.  Ellis advised that his name had been forged to the shipping orders by Ranly, and that she intended to have Johnson “set up” on federal and state charges when the weapons were delivered to her clients in Mexico.  This conversation was held in the presence of Mr. Charles Hancock, the Complainant’s attorney at that time.
Immediately following this conversation, the Johnson contacted the Mail Center at 5757 Westheimer.  They advised that they had several crates labeled “parts” which were delivered there by Al Johnson International, and that these crates were to go to Arizona.  Johnson advised that party that these crates contained machine guns, and that they were not to be moved or released to anyone, and that he should contact the Houston Office of ATF immediately.
Immediately following this conversation, Johnson contacted the Houston Police Department by phone, and advised them of the same information.  He was told to contact the Houston Office of ATF, which had already been notified of the initial theft.
Johnson then notified the Houston Office of the FBI which took the information, and then telephoned the Houston Office of ATF, speaking with Special Agent Rudy Hardy, advising him of the information and the location of the stolen machine guns at the Mail Center, and the forged shipping orders.

For the next 10 days, Johnson called the Houston Office of ATF twice a day, requesting information concerning these stolen weapons.  He was advised that all of the available personnel were tied up in Waco, but he would be contacted by the agents working the case.  In addition to the telephone calls, Johnson faxed this office attempting to stop the shipment of these weapons into the hands of Shelby Ranly’s clients in Mexico.
Finally, on the evening of March 18th, 1993, Johnson learned from various friends in Houston that they had learned of a large recovery of machine guns through the office of Terry Wilson, not ATF, on the evening news, belonging to Al Johnson International.
At this time, Johnson had no idea, that Chuck Rosenthal and Terry Wilson were close personal friend of Shelby Ranly, and that they were assisting Ranly in were criminal activity.
On the 20th day of May, 1993, Wilson filed a Petition for the Seizure of Prohibited Weapons for numerous machine guns, belonging to Johnson, which had been stolen by Wilson’s “close personal friend” Shelby Ranly.  In this Petition Wilson falsified the date of the recovery of these stolen/recovered weapons, stating that the recovery date was November 8th, 1992, instead of the actual recovery date of March 18th, 1993.
Since this seizure, Terry Wilson has refused to speak with Johnson, and has refused to return his property to him, although his office was supplied with all documents of ownership, and all federal licenses involved with these weapons.  This has caused the destruction of Johnson’s business.  In addition, Rosenthal and Wilson have ordered other Harris County District Attorneys to obtain a felony conviction against Johnson in an attempt to justify his illegal attempted conversion of his property, if indeed the weapons are still in Texas.
The relationship between Wilson and Ranly was learned of by Johnson when his attorney, Betty Barret Homminga, saw a memorandum from Wilson’s office advising that Wilson was a close personal friend of Ranly and of the seizur
These weapons were stolen by Shelby Ranly, and

e of the Johnson’s property.  The memo continued in advising of the seizure of Johnson’s property, and that a felony conviction was needed so that Harris County could keep his weapons which Wilson valued at $700,000.00 and which he has boasted he never had any intentions of returning to their rightful owner, Johnson.
Johnson at all times, had advised the Houston Police Department and the Harris County District Attorneys Office of the criminal acts of Shelby Ranly which were concealed by the actions of Terry Wilson due to personal friendship as noted in his interdepartmental memo, and his orders to the Houston Police Department not to investigate the criminal activity of Ranly.

This theft was assisted by Assistant District Attorney Terry Wilson.  At no time were these weapons involved in any illegal activity, other than that involving Wilson and Ranly, and no criminal activity involving these weapons on the part of Johnson has been shown in any manner, as shown in the Original Petition on file in this cause.

That the fraudulent date used on the original petition by Wilson, was done in order to conceal from the Court that these weapons were reported as stolen, and to shield his “close, personal friend”, Shelby Ranly of criminal charges, not only for the theft of these weapons, but from their illegal possession.  Assistant District Attorney Terry Wilson initiated this action, and falsified the seizure dates, to conceal Ranly, and his own criminal activity.

The other primary purpose, as expressed by Wilson himself, was to illegally obtain $700,000.00 worth of the Complainant’s property, for the benefit of his office and Harris County.  This was stated to Ms. Cheryl Yates, when Wilson was served with a federal civil rights lawsuit.
The actions of Terry Wilson in the Harris County Courts, and as an Officer of the Court was totally criminal and fraudulent.  Unfortunately he is protected by civil and criminal prosecution by absolute immunity, as a prosecutor, and uses that to conceal his criminal actions.
In March 1998, a felony complaint of threatening federal witnesses was filed against Wilson.  On the day the written complaint was received by the Office of the Harris County District Attorney and the FBI, it was announced that Terry Wilson was taking an early medical retirement. He rejoined the DA’s office quietly after Rosenthal was made the DA.

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Source: corruptionintexas.homestead.com/US-Justice-Dept.html, Author appears to be Al Johnson
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Note:  To those who need to know, know this–

(1)  First, since I have already died through the suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross, of whom it is my well-established in law and fact right to claim as my Lord and Saviour without imposing any beliefs, convictions, or alleged “religious” beliefs on anyone, it would be tough to kill someone a second time unless one were the Lord and Commander of Heaven’s Armies Himself–The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.;

(2)  If it were possible to kill me again, you already did that the day you denied my right to hold my son’s little hand and walk him to his first day of kindergarten.;

(3) Regarding Imprisonment, persecution, mutilation, humiliation, suffering, deprivation, starvation, rape, crimes against humanity, and torture–It has already been written that those who belong to the Lord are not of this world and will most certainly suffer these things in His name.  Were any apostles not falsely or otherwise imprisoned and violently murdered?  Keep laughing at the suffering of God’s most precious children–children, orphans, mothers, widows, the needy, the “disabled” or crippled or deformed, and the poor in spirit, wealth, the meek, and the humbled.


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