Hint:  This was Tonya Rolland, Assault Attorney, now Tonya Rolland-McLaughlin’s, immediate boss in 2007 during a certain person’s nightmarish child custody battle that never should have been.  Rolland, who worked in the DA’s office for Chuck Rosenthal, would have most likely known family law attorney Cheryl Coleman, who was very upset a certain client lost her funding to pay Ms. Coleman, whose father was a judge, by the way.
The following is the initial background study of the past criminal and unethical conduct involving District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal while as a prosecutor and also as a District Attorney.  A frightening thing to note is that many of the prosecutors who assisted in his criminal acts are still Harris County Prosecutors.
DNA Scandal Concerning the
Houston Police Department
As the Houston Police Department crime lab scandal escalated over the past several months, Rosenthal has refused to recuse himself and his office from the investigation so that a special prosecutor could be appointed.  This in spite of the fact numerous District Judges have advised it.  The reason is obvious.  An independent special prosecutor would uncover the numerous cases in which Harris County prosecutors, including Rosenthal have knowingly used false evidence, or concealed evidence to frame innocent parties.
In April 1995, sisters Martha Parmer Durrett and Linda Parmer Harrison were found bludgeoned to death in Durrett’s Pasadena home.  Her estranged husband, Joe Durrett, quickly became the prime suspect.
Much of the case against him was based on strands of hair found in the hand of one of the victims.  Initial findings by the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office concluded that one of the hairs were an identical match to Durrett’s.  But the Medical Examiner’s DNA expert at that time, Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, determined that neither the hairs nor any of the blood found at the murder scene belonged to Joe Durrett.
Before trial, Rosenthal sent Johnson’s conclusions to Cellmark, a Virginia laboratory, for re-testing.  According to Durrett’s attorney, Katherine Scardino, the evidence package included a letter from Rosenthal to lab officials ordering them not to discuss their findings with the defense team.
“I consider that letter to Cellmark to be incredible,” Scardino wrote later.  “It only went to substantiate my position that the state (Rosenthal) was doing everything it could to withhold any evidence that was exculpatory to my client.”  Despite that, Durrett was acquitted in May 1997.  (How many innocent men were convicted and spent the rest of their lives in prison, or died on “death row” because of Rosenthal’s covering up evidence?)
Use of Staged Evidence
In November 1992, the bodies of five members of Robert Coulson’s family were found inside their Spring Branch home.  Based largely on the testimony tape recordings of his roommate, Coulson was convicted and sentenced to death.
It seemed to be an airtight case.  But appellate attorney Gary Hart focused on evidence that Rosenthal misrepresented: an envelope with Coulson’s father’s note about a proposed business deal between him and his adopted son.  Rosenthal theorized that the envelope, which was photographed resting on a desk in the father’s office, was submitted as proof that the father was expecting Coulson was expecting Coulson to come over that evening to discuss the proposed deal.
The envelope was planted on the desk by the police to be photographed as evidence.  Crime scene photos taken the night of the murder show no envelope out in the open.  Rosenthal later admitted that presenting the “planted” evidence was a mistake, but it was unintentional.  Coulson was executed in June 2002.
Concealing Evidence
In May 1989, Anibal Garcia Rousseau was sentenced to death for the fatal shooting of David Delitta, an agent with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Twelve years later, attorneys handling Rousseau’s appeal discovered that a month before trial, the Houston Police Department ballistics lab had matched the bullet that killed Delitta to bullets from another killing that had occurred while Rousseau was incarcerated
About a month after he was sentenced, the crime lab matched bullets from both shootings to a gun used in yet another slaying.  Rosenthal and other prosecutors did not turn over this critical information as required by law.  Assistant District Attorney Lorraine Parker advised she was unaware of the reports, but that “someone knew something”.
Concealing Evidence
In 1987, Judy Saragusa was murdered in Houston in a contract killing.  She was married to member of the Saragusa Family.  Judy Saragusa was in the midst of filing for divorce against her husband Michael Saragusa for having a long-term affair with his secretary, Jane Ada Callaway.  This would have cost her husband millions.
In June 1988, Jane Ada Callaway was sentenced to life in prison for arranging the contract murder of Judy Saragusa.  Key to Callaway’s conviction was the testimony of middleman Michael Wayne Richardson.  He said in court that he had agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a 10-year prison sentence

After the trial, Richardson received probation.  Rosenthal, who helped try the case, maintains that there was no deal for probation at the time Richardson testified.  But defense attorney Dan Cogdell is skeptical.  If such a deal was in place, he said, the jury should have been made aware of it.  “I was born at night, but not last night,” Cogdell said.  “Can I prove it happened? No.  But do I have 22 years of bloody-knuckles experience in the courtroom that tells me that it’s so?  Yeah.”
The husband, Michael Saragusa was never charged or indicted concerning this crime.  But three months after his secretary took the “fall” Chuck Rosenthal was a “guest” of the Saragusa’s in a elk hunting trip in Wyoming.  Also in attendance were various other Houston politicians and political “money men”.

When Chuck Rosenthal ran for District Attorney in 2000, the Saragusa Family was his key financial backer.  In fact, when Rosenthal took his oath of office at midnight, following the election, Tony Saragusa was one of the only parties allowed to attend.
Bogus Government Securities Used
to Convict an Innocent Man.
In a long running battle between Al Johnson and the Harris County District Attorneys Office, the D.A. has now stooped to using fraudulent evidence to silence one of his most vocal critics.  Johnson started as a critic of Rosenthal and then District Attorney Johnny Holmes for their refusal to prosecute corrupt Family Court Judges during the 1990’s.  He and several other victims of the Harris County Family Courts finally formed Texans for Justice and demanded federal investigations of not only the Harris County Family Courts, but also the District Attorneys Office who protected their criminal activities and bribes.
Retaliation by Chuck Rosenthal and his Crew
Immediately following Al Johnson’s complaints of corruption involving the District Attorneys Office and certain Judges, the Harris County District Attorney used all means at their disposal to frame Mr. Johnson, and keep him tied into the Harris County Court system.  These political reprisals have gone on for 10 years, during which time Johnson’s property was illegally seized by the D.A.’s office.  His offices were burglarized without prosecution.  Mysteriously, the stolen records, files, and computer tapes stolen from Johnson’s office, all found their way to the office of the Harris County District Attorney.
Neither the Houston Police nor the Houston Office of the FBI took any action.  This inaction on the part of the Houston FBI was possibly due to the fact the reports were canceled by FBI Special Agent Cindy Rosenthal, (D.A. Chuck Rosenthal’s wife).
In his latest scheme to silence Johnson, the D.A. charged Johnson with felony non-support over highly contested child support, which had been set at over 100% of Johnson’s gross income.  This was set by Judge Bill Elliott, one of the Family Court Judges Johnson was accusing of bribery.
The D.A.’s office doesn’t prosecute for any child support cases, unless it involves enemies of Chuck Rosenthal!  In order to get a conviction against Johnson, Assistant District Attorney Craig Goodhart, a special prosecutor for Rosenthal, presented over $52 million dollar in GNMA (U.S. Government Securities) to a Harris County Court, as proof Johnson had the necessary funds to pay the excessive child support ordered by Judge Bill Elliott.  These were documents stolen from Johnson’s office by drug dealers working for the D.A.’s office with total immunity.
The only problem with the securities presented by Goodhart in the 337th District Court was that they didn’t belong to Johnson.  Actually these bogus securities were submitted to one of Johnson’s companies, by “friends” of Chuck Rosenthal.  This was an attempt to defraud both Johnson and his investors. Charges against the parties that submitted these bogus securities to Johnson were refused by the D.A. and the Houston FBI, but of course they were friends and supporters of Chuck Rosenthal.
Additionally, Goodhart used bogus federal bank accounts started in Houston to embezzle money from Johnson’s companies as proof of his assets.  These accounts were started without Johnson’s knowledge, and when he learned of them, and the embezzlement of money from his firm, he immediately reported it to the Office of the Harris County District Attorney.  Johnson was advised that since it involved a member of the “Fertitta Family” no charges would be filed.
Washington officials for the U.S. Government have confirmed the securities presented by ADA Craig Goodhart were totally bogus, and could not understand why criminal charges were not filed against the persons who manufactured these phony securities.  The action is a blatant move by Chuck Rosenthal to silence but another of his critics, before his own criminal conduct is exposed to the public.
Special Prosecution for “Special Friends”
of Chuck Rosenthal
Starting in July, 2000, the Office of the Harris County District Attorney went after a lowly secretary to assist millionaire Harris County lawyer David Berg.  This is her story in her own words:
“My name is Belinda Harvey. Last January, I accepted a position as paralegal for David Berg (a very wealthy, powerful attorney). I have a college education, a paralegal certificate and several years of experience, with good references. On my first day of work, January 17, 2000, he took me to New York with him, saying he needed assistance with a deposition. To make the long story short, he coerced me into having sex with him (amongst other things, including oral sex, S&M and pornographic movies), telling me my employment was contingent upon it. Upon returning to Houston, he continued the bizarre sexual behavior, although no intercourse was included. On one occasion he grabbed my breasts and shoved his crotch in my backside. On another occasion, he masturbated in front of me. After asking him several times to stop (as well as talking to the office manager), I sought legal counsel. Berg & Androphy only has about 10 employees, including law clerks, so going to the EEOC or the Texas Commission on Human Rights was not an option. Mr. Berg began tape-recording my phone conversations and found out I was talking to an attorney.
“Four days later, he fired me (through his office manager) offering me $5,000 to go away quietly. (See attached Severance Agreement) I refused the money. I then went to the Houston Police Department and filed sexual assault charges. I even took a lie detector test with HPD and passed. (see attached polygraph memo). They requested it since Mr. Berg was “high profile” and thought the case would be a “political hot potato.” In the meantime, while the police were trying to investigate the case, Joel Androphy (Berg’s partner) went directly to the chief of intake at the D.A.’s office, Donna Goode, who is also a friend of Berg and Androphy. Goode went directly to Sgt. Robert Bomar, who was handling my case and began “harassing” him. Sgt. Bomar said that Goode was also harassing him on another “high profile” case where the victim had filed charges against a high profile female psychiatrist who had talked her into a lesbian doctor/patient relationship. (Apparently, Donna Goode has an affinity for wealthy people and if you file charges against one of them, she stops the investigation, flips the charges and attacks). She wrote a long letter to Sgt. Bomar which contains no truth, only 2 men from my past (not employers) who saw a chance to get even with me through the D.A. This letter was given to Mr. Berg’s civil attorney, Julius Glickman, and to Berg and his partner, Joel Androphy. They literally passed the letter all around town and all kinds of people were allowed to read it.
“During the month of May, Joel Androphy made several calls around town to my prior employers, lawyers, and told them that I had “slept with over 200 lawyers in Houston.” This is so ludicrous, I can’t even respond to it.  In the meantime, I had filed for unemployment benefits with the Texas Workforce Commission. Mr. Berg refused to speak to them, but had his office manager and secretary (9th one in 3 months) commit perjury by signing affidavits saying that I had done all kinds of things in the office and totally denying the sexual allegations. After 6 hours of telephone appeals, where Julius Glickman accused me of everything from being a topless dancer to having sex for money, I won. Berg had refused to answer any questions under oath, so the hearing officer reversed the initial denial of benefits.
“In June, 2000, I contacted Child Protective Services, because I believe Mr. Berg to be an abusive father. He is 58 years old, with a 2-year-old child and I believe with all my heart that he is an abuser. I only said that I had never met the child or the wife, but believed there was an occasion in February where he had been abusive. After CPS visited with him, he and Joel Androphy went running back to their good friend Donna Goode. On Wednesday, July 19, 2000 as I was getting out of my car in the parking garage (I was working temporary for a law firm there), a man parked perpendicular behind me, jumped out of his car, and yelled “Are you Belinda Harvey?” When I turned around, he handed me a witness summons to the grand jury for July 24, 2000. Although the summons said I was a witness, it was signed by Donna Goode, who had already threatened to file perjury charges on me. I thought that if you were a target in a grand jury investigation, you were supposed to receive a letter indicating that you are the target of a grand jury investigation and that you “may or may not want to appear.”
“I retained attorney, Gordon White, Sr. and he and I went to the grand jury together. I did not testify. I found out later that Goode had tried to get a felony charge for making a false report to a police officer, but the grand jury would only return a misdemeanor for false report alleging child abuse. Afterwards, Goode walked out to where I was sitting with my lawyer, and said to him “your client has been indicted. I’ll see you in court after she’s been arrested.” My lawyer had requested a courtesy call, indicating that I would turn myself in. She replied, “No, I want her arrested.” I have never been accused of a crime in my life. Goode also told my lawyer that I was a member of the New Order of the Nazi Party and that some of them had been making death threats to David Berg. Again, this is beyond ludicrous. I have dated many Jewish men and when my lawyer asked Goode how I could be a Nazi and date and work for Jewish men, she replied “that’s her game. She gets in good with them.”

“Anyway, I turned myself in at the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Dept. and was “arrested” by a very good friend. Thank God for that connection. The day before the arraignment, Donna Goode contacted my lawyer, Gordon White, and told him that they were going to have a hearing and try to get my bond revoked because of the Nazi stuff. I have no idea where Berg came up with this. The only thing I can guess is that he thought that since Sherman Ross (Judge in County Criminal Court at Law #10) was presiding over the case, and that he was Jewish, that he would automatically fall for this. Luckily he didn’t and he did not revoke my bond. He basically told all parties to stop harassing each other. This made Berg angry and he stomped out of the courtroom.
“At the arraignment and on the record, Donna Goode told Judge Ross that I was a Nazi, had slept with 200 lawyers and that I was mentally unstable. At the arraignment, besides Donna Goode, appeared Ted Wilson (who is one of the top prosecutors) and Andy Tobias. Remember, this is MISDEMEANOR court. The arraignment date was August 2, 2000 and on October 9, 2000, we were in trial. (2 months) Ted Wilson and Donna Goode tried the case. Donna Goode told the jury to “work up enough anger to put her (me) away for a year.” She had also told my lawyer prior to the trial that her goal was to see me behind bars. Never mind that I have no criminal record, am active in my church and have a job, etc….There was a hung jury of 4 (for not guilty) to 2 for guilty. During the trial, we found out that CPS normally turns false reports over to their legal department, but mine was not turned over to them (obviously it didn’t qualify as false when it was filed.) During the trial Donna Goode harassed me in the hallway, calling me the “little woman”, hollering down the hall at people who came to support me, etc. After the mistrial, she said out loud “I will try her until I get a conviction.” The next trial date was set for November 27, but was moved again to January 29, 2001.
“During the trial, Andy Tobias, Casey O’Brien and Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal all came down to support David Berg. They were all shaking hands, laughing and having a good old time. I have seen capital murder trials that got less attention. These people are ruining my life. There is no telling how much of the taxpayer’s money has been spent on this case.”

Summary of this Complaint and Related Follow-up
This is but another example of the mockery of justice, which has long been the standard of the Harris County Civil and Criminal Justice System. Under the written policy of the District Attorney, a citizen has to have a police investigation before they can come to their office and request a meeting with a prosecutor to get a criminal complaint. But that does not apply to the wealthy and personal friends of Chuck Rosenthal and Donna Goode. They can just call in and get a complaint, kind of like calling Domino’s Pizza with an order.  But as in past cases, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office doesn’t really want a police investigation when they are busy framing people. That could be embarrassing. In matters of silencing political critics, or when prosecutors are doing special favors for personal friends to silence parties victimized by the rich and powerful, you don’t want the cops looking over your shoulder.
“Special Rules for Special People” and “Justice to the Highest Bidder” is the standard operating procedure of the Office of the Harris County District Attorney.  Some months after this incident a young schoolteacher contacted the Office of the Harris County District Attorney concerning a false claim that had been filed with CPS by her ex-husband as sheer harassment.  The schoolteacher was cleared of all charges, but could have lost her job from this false allegation, and when through months of hell defending herself.  After she was cleared, this teacher filed a police report concerning the false charges made against her, after which she contacted the Office of the Harris County District Attorney asking that this matter be prosecuted.  She was advised that the Office of the Harris County District Attorney did not prosecute false reports filed with CPS.  When she advised of the Belinda Harvey prosecution, she was advised “We only prosecute cases which interest us”.
In one way, it makes no difference if Ms. Harvey was innocent or guilty.  This case shows the “special favors” given to the “friends” of Chuck Rosenthal and his office.
Special Assistance to Admitted Organized Crime Families and International Drug Cartels
Starting in December 1992, Houston business man Al Johnson was being blackmailed and extorted by members of the “Fertitta” Family, who openly boasted of their “organized crime” connections.  In particular, Shelby Fertitta Ranly was making these demands.  Johnson owned a financial company, and also a firearms firm which specialized in police sales in Latin America.  Johnson was ordered to use his company and his banking connections to launder money for the mob, supply weapons to key Drug Cartel members in Mexico and aid in facing over $800 million dollars in bogus federal securities as legitimate securities for mob bank scams.
When Johnson refused these demands, he was advised that Ranly could arrange it where he would never see his kids, and that she would “bury” him.  She advised that she had connections in Harris County where she could do whatever she wanted, and “set up” anyone she wanted.  In particular Ranly advised of her family connections with then ADA Chuck Rosenthal, and ADA Terry Wilson.
Immediately following his refusal, over 25 legally licensed machine guns were stolen from his Houston office.  The Houston police refused to take a report on the orders of the Office of the District Attorney, and ATF was advised by the Office of the District Attorney to take no action, “that they were handling it”.
In March, 1993, Johnson learned through an informant that the stolen weapons were at the Houston Mail Center, with forged shipping orders, and were in route to the Drug Cartel in Mexico to be used in the operation of “death squads” and terrorist operations. Since the forged shipping orders were in his name, and the weapons were licensed to him, he was to be framed for this.
Johnson, who was in Guatemala when he learned of this, immediately contacted the Houston office of the FBI, ATF, and the Houston Police.  Incredibly, nothing happened.  10 days after he reported this on March 16th, 1993, these stolen weapons were seized not by the police, or the FBI, but by Assistant District Attorney Terry Wilson on the orders of Chuck Rosenthal.  Wilson falsified dates on the seizure in an attempt to show that he had seized the weapons prior to them being reported as stolen.  The forged shipping orders were destroyed by Wilson, and key witnesses who came forward with affidavits were threatened by Wilson.  When these threats were reported to the Office of the Harris County District Attorney and the FBI, Terry Wilson immediately took a “medical retirement”.
With Rosenthal’s election to District Attorney, Wilson has quietly returned to work as an Assistant District Attorney. He has never been charged with threats to federal and state witnesses.
While this matter has been successfully “covered-up” by both Rosenthal and his FBI wife, Special Agent Cindy Rosenthal, this is no minor offense.  We are talking about a shipment of over 25 stolen machine guns, and silencers going to a known terrorist group supporting drug trafficking into Texas.  The key party behind this attempt to supply these stolen weapons to this terrorist group was a member of the “Fertitta” Family, who openly boasted of her connections to organized crime and
Her Mexican contact, Raul Salinas, is now in a Mexican prison, convicted of organizing the assassination of at least one Mexican candidate who opposed his brother, Carlos Salinas, who looted the Mexican treasury, and is now a billionaire living in Ireland.  This is only some of the various criminal activity in which Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal is involved.
Receiving Bribes
For some years District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal has been accused by several parties of receiving funds (bribes) from various parties to buy himself and his office.  The outline of this activity was well documented in the Houston Press Article “Ties that Bind” written by Sarah Fenske.  Needless to say that when parties under indictment start sending campaign contributions to Rosenthal, and he feels there is nothing wrong with that, he needs to be investigated.
In addition, Rosenthal maintains various bank accounts such as American Bank Account 113003347-0045314 (Labeled Drug Seizure Accounts) from which payments are made to various Harris County Judges and other associates of Rosenthal.
Final Summary
Texans for Justice and the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition are presently demanding Federal and State investigations into the criminal conduct of Chuck Rosenthal, and the Office of the Harris County District Attorney. Please contact this office and your state and federal representatives to support these investigations.
We are also expanding this dossier daily.  If you have knowledge of misconduct concerning Chuck Rosenthal or his associates, please share it with us.

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