The Federal, US Constitution



Source:  “PRESENTED BY MR. BRADY OF PENNSYLVANIA, July 25, 2007”;  “United States Government Printing Office: Washington, 2007”;

Click on the pdf link above to read a 2007 online version of the Federal US Constitution with Amendments that the “states” failed to ratify.  This version includes an index and black and white photo of original framers of the US Constitution.

I would recommend reading, and comparing and contrasting, and then saving via hard-copy and electronic or otherwise media (definitely keep the paper copy(ies), though) any and all  versions, text, amendments, notes, debates of the legislators and original framers, historical documents, etc.,  as possible before these too become “revised” and subject to “recommended” or “suggested” citations that are not available anywhere and that change quite frequently.

This is a 2007 version published by the United States Government Printing Office, as reported on its cover.  It  bears the mark of the 110th Legislative Congress.  I have yet to compare this online version (pdf) with alleged original documentation and/or  historically and traditionally accepted and vetted copies/versions/publications of the US Constitution in print, although the last library book I checked out that allegedly included the full print, or, “text,” and that was published in the 1980’s appeared to be correct.

Please “fire away” with comments, expertise, constitutional questions, case law, conflicting “State” and/or Federal policy, references to other important sources and/or founding documents that may become rare in the near future that may be of value to protecting our freedoms, liberties, rights, and privacy as originally intended, or at least, as originally intended to be perceived.  Feel free to include discussion  and cite sources related to The Declaration of Independence and the “inalienable” rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”


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