Ode to “Uncle Miltie” and his Most Inspiring Class of “Governors,” Nightingales

Ode to “Uncle Miltie” and his Most Inspiring Class of “Governors,” Nightingales

What a crew we were, hand-picked by “Uncle Miltie” himself, for  that steamy hot summer in Martin,

From Soddy Daisy to the mountains in East Tennessee, from Gatlinburg,

Murfreesboro,  Nashville, Chattanooga, and from all points in-between,

Including a town we passed on the drive-in called… Buck Snort, Tennessee?

Why, a year or two later I even ran into Maya on a visit to Haverford,

Or was it Swarthmore, between the two, it is a close toss-up,

Sequestered, but one might have peered through the glass from the inside looking out,

Cicadas attacking, nights never lacking, classes could have been written in Latin,

“Captain, My Captain,”–Jared– you took a brave fall for us all when you climbed the water tower,

A single act that stirred or triggered the rest of us, perhaps,

The Spirit to “strive, to seek, to find, but never to yield” (The Oddyssey, Alfred Lord Tennyson).

Amber, oh Amber, you were a great leader who willingly took the fall for those of us whose passion may have proved a bit much for those involved,

Poetry, journalism, theater, creative writing, projects, Model U.N.,

What country did I represent?  Why, I’m sure I have forgotten,

All I know is that all I wanted was to be the Secretary General, or shall I say Secretary Generelle?

Reel Foot Lake and a movie was great,

Jogging on the trail turned into quit a  peril,

“Carpe Nachtung” was accused of our vociferous subconscious motto,

When Gathered for Morning Plenary Session  with “Uncle Miltie” planning for our next fete de triomphant noir

Abbie and Natalie, we shared many laughs and became great friends,

But alas, how the time has passed,

Tis’ a pity, but, though time dashed, that which has been created

Cannot possibly ever escape sublime Memory’s cache,

The ultimate question must know be asked…

Was dear “Uncle Militie,” taking notes on us all,

and if so, for the sake of experimentation, for divine nostalgia, or for the divine spark of inspiration?

For whichever, we certainly made our case–don’t ever tempt “Fate,” lest

Compelled to make a righteous Climb

(Cheers and Many thanks to Jared, the “Captain,”  for paving the way

On the night  that damned, cursed “Fate” said you had to  caught…

Climbing the water tower, worked up into a post- Dead Poets Society flame)

Has it really been that long?

If we all saw each other now, what would we look like,

What would we talk about, …

If we could go back in time,

Would we have changed anything?

No, for then there would be no fate with whom to challenge

We, who have in our own way, I imagine

Had a laugh at “Fate,” as we foolishly took the bait

For to date, we are still here to lead the way,

The Truth, the Light, in Pursuit of Knowledge, or to…

Play a Leading Role in this Charade not entirely of our own?

Don’t hesitate to call,

It would be great to talk to ya’ll!

Afterall, this fancy was inspired when, by happenstance,

That I found a remembrance in the form of someone desiring to make “Joni Saloom’s” acquaintance,

Perhaps a more recent “Governor,”or nightingale,

Reaching out and calling me through the “friendster,”

Or otherwise literary endeavour?


Best wishes to All,

Joni Faith Saloom

(713) 240-1727

E-mail: jonisaloom@sbcglobal.net




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