report card for family court systems and officers by state and county (June 2014)

Be sure to check out The Family Court Report Card to see how well  your state and local county family court officers and related “professionals” performed for different parties involved in any domestic divorce and/or child custody dispute (mother, father, child) at:  http://www.distinctioninfamilycourts.org/grades.html.

One might also still be able to submit their own questionnaire which contains an objective and judicious rubric for rating criteria.

Just click on the following pdf. file to rate those court -affiliated professionals, judges, social workers, custody evaluators, police officers, associate judges or magistrates, juvenile court referees guardian ad litem, attorney for child, expert witnesses for both mother and father, mother’s attorney, father’s attorney, special and/or county prosecutor and/or attorney/District Attorney, Commissioner of Children’s Court, Advocates for Children, Medical Professionals, Mediator, parenting coordinators, arbitrators, private judges, counselors, therapists for child, for mother, and for father, Children’s right’s groups or non-for-profits, and finally, don’t leave out your local county sheriff and/or constable if he or she were ever involved in your family matter.  Questionnaire.

Source: www.distinctioninfamilycourts.org/questionnaire.html

One may try to submit the questionnaire electronically, or may otherwise download a copy, fill-in ratings based on objective and judicious rubric provided, print, and then return in the mail to the following address :

Distinction in Family Courts

1731 Howe Ave, #168

Sacramento, CA  95825-2209.

http://www.uglyjudge.com/ (Another great website that is not at all affiliated with Distinction in the Family Courts)


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