BUSTS CORRUPT Judge, Sheriff, Deputies, County Attorney


BREAKING NEWS in Family Court Crime Syndicate, Minnesota Branch under Judge David Knutson–Watch and listen to see Corrupt Judge, Sheriff, County Attorney, and Deputies Expose Themselves and get Busted by Tough-as-Nails Attorney Michelle MacDonald and the real friends of the Court by clicking on the following link:

Family law attorney Dynamo Michelle MacDonald(Shimota) is the toughest and the best in America’s “New” courts and among America’s “New” breed of attorneys.  MacDonald and a few friends of the court in Spartan circles in and around Dakota County Minnesota and advocates, nay, some victims, for justice, recently busted what could possibly be one of the biggest crime families in America right now–the “Divorce Dispute Industry,” (as referred to in film Divorce Corp. and alluded to in California Coalition for Families and Children’s Federal R.I.C.O. cause against, inter alia, the San Diego County Bar Association).  Although arrests have yet to be made on criminal law enforcement, family court judges, county attorneys, and other complicit and treasonous perpetrators affiliated with the family and juvenile dependency court money train, prisoners have been exposed.  “Woe to you Pharisees and Scribes” (Matthew 23:13-23:2, The Holy Bible, King James Version).

Lion News reports the details of tough-as-nails family law attorney Michelle Macdonald’s surreal and Kafka-esque nightmare in court and, consequently, also the nightmare of courageous client and protective parent–mother, Sandra/”Sam” Grazzini-Rucki at lion news (a blogspot–See

If a certain Party wanted to cause a bloody “peaceful” and “just” rebellion or revolt  en masse provoked by innocent victims who may be tired of injustice, corruption, and criminals with badges and legal licenses ruining their lives, then they may have underestimated the nature of the very protected class of groups targeted for re-victimization and neutralization as mothers.  Lion News’ motto so eloquently enshrines the very the nature of  “protective” mothers’ (and the one or two courageous lawyers still standing in this Epic battle to win men’s souls and hearts), including the highly skilled and sophisticated attorney Michelle MacDonald.    Lion News‘ Main Page motto (and video footage) clearly and convincingly establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that the modus operandi that was MacDonald’s humble suffering (shared through her client and charge, Sandra Grazzini-Rucki and her five lost children), incapable of yielding, steadfast, and true, defeated the Enemy– terrorists from within who hide behind robes, badges, and state licenses with few exceptions.  Citing The Holy Bible, ” By long forbearing is a prince persuaded, and a soft tongue breaketh the bone” (Proverbs 25:15).  Make no mistake, Standing for women and children, especially the poor, orphaned, or widowed, is no Fool’s Game.  Rather, it is the work of Kings (and Queens) among men.  Michelle MacDonald is the new national hero.  Her case, and that of her clients,’ affirms that liberty and freedom to choose to do what is right when faced with horrific “crime” and “punishment”rather than to submit to rogue, terrorist forces, or to otherwise indulge their violence and incivility, is not only possible, but is also imminent.  The only revolt or violent rebellion that the instigators will get is the one that, in this writer’s opinion, will come from The Commander of Heaven’s Armies.  We need not speak to be heard, for the very lengths of humiliation and mortification to which Judge David Knutson, Daniel J. Fluegel, Mayor Paul Hicks, Attorney Backstrom, and Sheriff Bellows indulged themselves attests to the pure, superior, silent, strong and “refined” strength of the witnesses.

Source: Lion News at

Sam, your kids are coming home to their real Mommy and to their real house, and so are you (safely and lawfully)!  Hang-in there.  Take it as an extreme compliment that they’re having this much trouble trying to beat you.  You have the best attorney in America right now.

Michelle, they wanted to humiliate you and tried to weaken you, but you gave them nothing to work with.  Again, that was a High compliment and an honor.  For that, if anyone in this Republic should receive the “hero” status, it is you, good lady.  Many Good things are coming your way.




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