TEXAS, 2008

Child Support Surplus Report.TX.2008.60600088

The Child Support Surplus Report for Texas appears to have the effect of “chilling” “inalienable”(meaning inseparable, and not meaning “alien” resident status or domicile, even when purchased with a gift or charitable donation) natural and divine rights to “life, liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness” by enslaving the mothers and fathers who pay child support and oftentimes imprisoning them—a shenanigan that frequently costs those parents  missed career opportunities and advancement for the rest of their lives so that they can no longer pay the “state’s” ransom for one’s children, and who inevitably lose them to the “protective” “state” to make gobs more money by then selling the same  children, and their children’s children after them.

Undistributable” child support collections and the interest earned on those accounts by the “states,” as required to be in compliance with Federal law  and the Office of the Inspector General and Health and Human Services Department, are supposed to be reported and not withheld.  Translation–the feds didn’t get their required cut from Texas, and they are generously giving them the chance to give the money back to the federal government.

Since when does the government openly come out and expose itself as a criminal that steals money right out of the mouths of the children it receives money to protect?  This report was issued in 2008.  What kind of message does this send to children or teens and impressionable young adults?  If one thinks teachers have a tough time in the classroom now, just think ahead a decade.








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