Psychiatry and Eugenics, Shocking History (Video)

Psychiatry and Eugenics, Shocking History (Video)


This documentary traces the European roots of “psychiatry” that originated with the Eugenics Movement that sought to clandestinely murder hundreds of thousands of patients in mental asylums.  Many such victims only became such wards because they answered five question surveys in the mail, without knowledge of how that survey would be used, that went back to the psychiatrists who cursorily read over the surveys and marked a red cross on those whose lives he deemed “not worth living,” or, “unfit for work.”

“Operation T-4” became a profitable tool to institutions because it allowed them to kill thousands of patients to continue to bill the government for services or their families, and to confiscate any other wealth voluntary patients possessed.

The viewer will quickly see that America has already implemented several strategies meant to move us into this next phase of what will become history.  Consider the role of social workers, the “protection” and “guardianship” business, Houston, Texas’ brand new state-of-the-art mental patient inmates on the second floor of the notorious Harris County jail.  Consider that Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia has The Houston Chronicle praising new Crisis Response Intervention teams that entail police officers calling mental healthy deputies to all domestic calls by women with children, and also CPS to come and lock up difficult children or “hysterical” mothers (as they sometimes lose their children in these and similar situations) because her child is being kidnapped under the color of law.  Then the mobile child psychiatric unit paddy wagon may arrive to take your child, who may be given many labels to allow a rogue, criminal enterprise to defraud the federal government out of money in exchange for “innovations” in “mental health” diversionary programs in which all “community partners,” such as police officers, doctors, hospitals, social workers, and family, probate, and juvenile dependency courts have a stake.  This federal funding compels numbers and quotas, which easily predicts that more and more “mentally ill” persons will be kidnapped, or, “removed” under the color of law and given multiple psychotropic medications, which, in turn, generates more profit for the state and pharmaceutical companies.

Please watch and draw your own conclusions.  I know that I will certainly continue to be suspicious of any and all surveys that the computer and social sites want you to freely give without telling you the reason they are asking.  This could all be a ruse to deceptively gain “voluntary”  personality tests without sufficient knowledge of the person who volunteers to take such surveys.  “Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing,” especially if anyone ever comes to “help” or “protect you,” and, subsequently, stands to earn money for such services.

It has been written about for some time now that a certain and very powerful elite that controls all the wealth on the planet wants to cull the current population of roughly seven billion people who currently inhabit the world  to just about a half billion for “sustainable” and “green,” “smart” “growth.”

Finally, consider that under times of martial law, which many would argue we are living today, the Federal, The Constitution for the united States of America may be suspended, granting any “first responder,” or “reporter” the perceived power to falsely imprison anyone he or she wanted.  Consider that it has recently been reported that people will soon be prosecuted and punished for “thought crimes.”



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