Child Support Enforcement Officer Carol Rhodes Tells All: Friend of the Court, Enemy of the Family


Child Support Enforcement Officer Carol Rhodes Tells All:

Friend of the Court, Enemy of the Family



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Watch and listen to former child support enforcement officer Carol Rhodes (MI) reveals the true purpose of the Friend of the Court (FOC) as Enemy of the family.  She reveals that insiders often remarked, “We’re not the friend of the family, we’re the friend of the court.”  Their job was not to promote the best interest of children, families, or to protect or preserve rights, but rather to generate as much money as possible for the “state,” which Rhodes claims made them the “darlings” of the court because they were one of the only government agencies generating money.  There is no money in helping parents with custody and “visitation.”  She says she daily watched files thrown away or disappear, fraud, caseworkers lying to parents, policies changing from week-to-week to suit their own needs, and corruption to pad and secure their own pensions and financial stability to support their own families.  Rhodes wrote a book titled, Friend of the Court, Enemies of the Family.   I look forward to reading it.

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