Who’s Next? Martin Winters Jailed For Having An Emergency Food Supply


Source: The Daily Sheeple, by Lizzie Bennett

I read the story in the Daily Mail of Martin Winters, a so called doomsday prepper who was thought not only to be preparing for the end of days,but for a standoff with the United States government. That he was only holding five legally owned firearms, and enough stored food to look after his family in a crisis wasn’t enough to prevent the authorities from firing up the whole neighbourhood with stories of the crazy person in their midst, but to actually take him to court on various charges. Reading about Martin Winters got me thinking about my own situation.

If for some reason, valid or otherwise the police were to enter my home, what would they think? How would they react?

There are those that would argue, that I am a touch insane, that nothing is going to happen, everything will…

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