Brazoria County Boasts Above the Law, Jeri Yenne, D.A

Jeri Yenne.pic.Brazoria County D.A.Prosecutor
Jeri Yenne, Brazoria  County D.A., Prosecutor, Angleton, TX

Little Expected of CPS Decision,

reported in The Facts, by John Tompkins, Senior Editor, Hope4Kidz,

Yeri Jenne appears to be ashamed, or, rather, embarrassed, about he/r public boasting pursuant to the Department of Family and Protective Services (formerly Department of Protective and Regulatory Services) Memo that went out informing that Fourth Amendment u.S. Constitutional law established by the Federal, U.S Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in Louisiana (which interprets the law for Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi) in its landmark 2008 “Gates” case, Gates v. Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services, et al. (2008) in which CPS and police officers were given a warning that it was now well-established that they would not “receive” “immunity” the next time unlawful, unreasonable search and seizures were perpetrated against families and children–private property.  D.A. Jenne smugly and proudly boasted that “it would be business as usual” in  spite of the Gates Memo and the rule of  law in the Fifth Circuit.  It is no wonder s/he or someone else affiliated or so “interested” in legal, but unlawful, because unconstitutional and unreasonable (absent semantic art and deception, or, paradoxical reversal, unambiguous language required for interpretation) kidnappings and familial harassment.

Click on the link above or cut and paste in to your browser to read how Brazoria County thinks its above the law that it practices regarding child trafficking disguised as child “protection.” 

District Attorney, prosecutor, Jeri Yenne, vainly trumpets the fact that Brazoria County will conduct business as usual in spite of the very clear Gates v. Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services, (5th Cir., 2008) ruling by the Federal U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision that is singularly charged with analyzing or interpreting the law for Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi when disputes or deviation from established policy occur in important matters of law that involve the constitutional, civil, and “inalienable” rights, freedoms, and liberties of families and children.  The 300th Judicial District Court, over which Judge K. Randall, “Randy,” Hufstetler presides concurs. 

This should not shock one when one realizes that CPS Supervisors in Brazoria County, Cheryl Harvick, in particular, Sheriff Charles Wagner, and D.A. Jeri Yenne all have seats on the board of Brazoria County Children’s Alliance which involves “non-for-profit” lobbying interests that often equate to federal money to the states and conspiracy with “unified” or “collaborative,” “interdisciplinary,” court personnel, clerks, judges, magistrates, court-appointed attorneys, guardian ad litem, and “therapists” caught up in a symbiotic web of bribes, kickbacks, gifts, donations, referrals, finder’s fees or “community partnerships” and business interests furthered only by trafficking more children through the family and juvenile dependency courts.

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