Femicide_A Gobal Issue that demands Action

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware):  Consider the Source.

One should read the linked document titled, “Femicide, A Global Issue that Demands Action,” through the scrupulous lenses of a lawyer who is trying to prosecute this organization rather than to defend it.  This document, like the child “protection” and “guardianship”/”conservatorship” and adoption scams that came before it, seeks nothing more than to eradicate fundamental freedoms and constitutional and civil and “inalienable” rights of women and children to “liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness” (The Declaration of Independence, Signed 1776).

This is yet another veiled attempt to fool the voting public into believing the government is here to “protect” us when in fact it is looking for more ways to enslave us and take any money, land, and rights we might have in addition to receiving gobs of federal money for such gratuity. If one takes a moment to find the Youtube video I posted on this blog titled, “Harris County D.A. Ethics Class???,” one will hear Rob Kepple instructing the District Attorneys that “we are not here to protect people, but to save and make money.”

Ignore the gender wars, but stand up instead for Individual rights and liberties as the injustices roll-in one case at a time, which very well may involve Fourteenth Amendment equal protections safeguards and arguments.



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