Judge Lisa Millard Reportedly Accepted a $20,000 Bribe Through Father’s Lawyer to Kidnap 7 Year-Old Girl

Lisa Millard.Comment on bribe.petition to remove.06.24.14 001

Source: Change.org; Original Petition by Shukura Shelby, Ridgecrest, California, submitted in support and out of care and concern for the rights of Clifford Hall and his eleven year-old son

It appears from this comment that Judge Lisa Millard of the 310th Judicial District Court of Harris County Texas in Houston, Texas has been taking bribes for a long time.  This author has been a victim, as had author’s only child, who was mercilessly kidnapped before anything went to court, but who, nevertheless, protected kidnappers and converted full custody to alleged sexual abuser of said child.   Firsthand, actual, legal–non-hearsay, non-perjured, certified/verified direct testimony in writing and not subjected to subornation of perjury, not without circumstantial evidence and witnesses– weighs heavily probative beyond preponderance of evidence, and further beats the “person of reasonable prudence and caution” excuse to steal and re-victimize innocent mothers and children for a social experiment, the likes of which I have full confidence that neither Judge Lisa Millard, nor her Associate Judge with Executive Coast Guard alleged “immunity” would ever refuse to react to had it been their children and them standing before the same Pharisees (themselves) who ruined the lives not only  this poor woman and her 7-year old daughter who had never known her father who testifies above–Ms. “Dawn Cooper”–as documented, and mine and my only child’s lives (though he was only age five and was supposed to be starting kindergarten with his real Mummy who raised him without incident or injury.  Beyond preponderance of evidence burden of proof standard in this case passes,which tips the scales for Ms. “Dawn Cooper” and of victim-author in favor of a guilty verdict.  Who is going to hold this “judge” accountable (besides God)?


DISCLAIMER:  The information in this post is made in good faith and is intended solely for educational, general knowledge, and/or entertainment purposes.  If anyone desires a correction or a retraction based on specific facts that are not already well-within the firsthand, actual, “legal,” knowledge, personal experience, observations, facts, and certified/verified direct testimony of this blog’s author(s), including the name attached to the above demonstrative evidence or direct testimony, submit request and specific, controverting evidence, facts, support or certified/verified declaration signed in wet-ink by such a person or persons to me in person.  I will act reasonably and be fair, just, and I will  act like a person of average “prudence and caution” in weighing the facts and your legal arguments and their bases in granting such request for correction and/or retraction.

The author of this blog also herein exercises her fundamental, well-established as a matter of fact and law, First Amendment right as incorporated and applied via ratification and application of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Federal,  US Constitution  and incorporated Bill of Rights to, inter alia, freedom of speech, to peaceable assembly, to “associate,” and to tell the truth to the best of author’s knowledge.



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