Ex-Social Worker Tells All

Ex-Social Worker Tells All


Click on the link above or cut and paste into your browser to access one of the most revealing accounts by a former CPS employee about how child “protective” services is actually run against the best interests of the child, but in the best interests of the government’s financial interest in your children.

Straight out of the Horse’s Mouth, Topics Covered:

1.  Adoption Incentives; Don’t take children unless adoptable or can be placed in pedophile foster home,

2.  Social workers taught that there are no rules or guidelines in orientation other than there own personal judgement,

3.  Frequent audits on certain files where knowledge of sexual abuse,

4.  Lawyer kick-backs and referrals= lots of money, bribery

5.  Generational tracking/experimentation with vulnerable populations purposefully created through conditioning and sensitization and desensitization,

6.  Threats not to talk within the agency upon orientation of new workers,

7.  Files audited for all cases of children that go missing in child protective services care,

8.  Promotions, extra recognition for “top performers” who kidnap the most children,

9.  Father’s protected, children taken from mothers, gender-bias,

10.  in a particular state, disproportionate amount of adoptions to known homosexual homes and caregivers, some known to have severe drug problems and abusive behavior,

11.  Sexual abuse exposed to trial by jury, jurists find defendant guilty, defendant never prosecuted,

12.  Social workers self-governed, not a government agency,

13.  Embellishments and extreme exaggerations used to terminate parental rights or place a child,

14.  Social workers can be used to kidnap their own children and keep from another parent,

15.  All cases flagged for “retention,” which of course leads to re-victimization and more money for the SS,

16.  Child pornography/photography in foster homes and institutions,

17.  Children under 3 years old can’t testify, “best” targets,

18.  Police entrapment, arrest parents at prompting of social workers so that social workers can “legally” take children,

19.  Parents rarely charged in criminal court, too many protections for them as opposed to family or juvenile courts,

20. Family and Juvenile Courts not constitutional, Article III (constitutional) courts,

21.  Each child taken worth approximately $100,000 to the state,

22.  Social services makes sure people who talk or challenge them don’t work again,

23.  Coerce and threaten parents to relinquish parental rights when they have done nothing wrong,

24.  Attack on the family and traditional morals and values as a direct result of these Socialist control mechanisms, sexualize and pervert children to create culture of perversion, exposure to aberrations in normal behavior over time= sick society that needs “helped,” or “protected from one another,” movement to have “community centers” and “community” “helpers” raise children, mothers are too loving and caring as natural parents

25.  “Follow the money,”

26.  Universal Plague,

27.  This system devised and controlled by “diabolical” person(s),

28.  Mis-education, no education of workers regarding the “truth” of their jobs,

29.  Judges can’t “overrule” them,

30.  Scam for federal funding, all money or benefits attached to parents and/or children (i.e. Social Security, disability, child support, etc.) re-directed to the agency and the state through attorney general’s office ,

31.  Children intentionally kept in permanent placement with known pedophile fathers who social workers go to every length to “protect,” or to shield from the courts and exposure because they can shake them down for counseling, services, substance abuse testing, “cooperation,” keep the children in the legal system (domestic dispute industry/machine),

32.  No transparency,

33.  Files follow children and parents the rest of their lives, given to schools, schools, a lot of non-for-profits, homeless shelters designed to red-flag alleged vulnerable populations,

34.  Children taken from young and single mothers as well as “low-income” individuals,

35.  Drugging children for money, states and agencies get kickbacks for prescribing certain medications as routine pattern and practice, pharmaceutical trials conducted on children in “care,”

37.  Extra money to social workers and agency, state, and legal system for “special needs” children, more federal funding,

38. Rigged Case Plans, Parents Set-Up for failure from the beginning even when there was no just cause or probable cause to kidnap children under the color of law and authority,

39. Decisions made on how much money it will bring, growing budgets,

40.  Caseworkers complain they are overloaded to glean more money for budgets,

41.  Year-over-Year Increasing Quotas or No Federal Funding if Goals not Met,

42.  The “therapy” game, “jumping through hoops,”

43.  Judges only oversee administration of policy, don’t interfere with social services as a rule; Cocky judges and court clerks and prosecutors, honest services fraud,

44.  Caseworkers lie without any fear as pattern practice and procedure as do police officers who “collaborate” in accordance with policy,

45.  Police refer parental complaints of crimes right back to CPS, tell parents to call C.P.S.,

46.  Experienced social workers very dangerous to parents and children,

47.  In states where there are  “Public defenders,” they are  re-educated and reprimanded if and when cases are overturned at the appellate level,

48.  Imported Caseworkers, Exported Children,

49.  Missing Children, Lost in the System, Counted, but Not Found,

50.  Falsification of birth certificates, I.d.’s for foreign caseworkers,

51.  Some or all States operate as corporations (U.C.C.)–Attorneys, judges, social workers, “therapists,” doctors no longer care about you or your child because they work for the state and it is their job not to care,

52. Children conditioned for child pornography, amount of money spent on child pornography in this country,

53.  Parents who fight for their children end up destitute and lose everything,

54.  A lot of foster children disappear through satanic worship,

55.  Military judges, magistrates, could be involved in pedophile rings and/or satanic, occult worshiping groups as payment for power and money, human sacrifice,

56.  Romanian Child Adoption Scandal, “Airport Adoption,” quit adopting children out to Americans,

57.  Breeding for dysfunction, cyclical wards of the state to generate more money for the state and need for programs,

58.  “Low-income” parents who can’t afford attorney targeted because the theory is that they have no resources to fight back,

59.  Judges won’t answer parents about why their children are being taken–threatened with arrest,

60.  Parental rights, by unconstitutional statutes and policies, can be terminated for failing to complete ridiculous case plans when they did nothing to warrant “removal” of children in the first place,

61.  Children who do come home, which is rare, come home a different child, “brain-washed,” lies to to them about their parents,

62.  “policies” changed from week-to-week, but social workers uninformed,

63.  State paid doctors lie and blame parents, falsely allege abuse,

64.  Schools subject to federal policies for taking money,

65.  State Governors have to sign federal certificate stating they would be open to changing their state laws in exchange for receiving federal funding,

66.  Federal requirements for social workers not met even though they receive money (42 U.S.C. 625),

67.  Children as “crops,” pedophiles are “guaranteed clients,”

68.  Complacent Society, Turn Their Heads, Minds, and Backs on Other People’s Sorrows, Living in their own Bubble, Irresponsible, “Out of Sight, out of mind,” Society does not care about your children,

69.  Should parents be required to be charged with a crime before they can lose their children?








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