R.I.C.O. Court Con in Houston, Texas, Demonstrative Evidence

Collaborative Report.harriscountyreport (Collaborative indeed!)

Lisa Millard and John Nichols.CLE presenters.Keeping It in and Keeping it Out.Error Preservation, or,

Keeping It in and Keeping it Out, Preservation of Error Through Making and Meeting Objections in Texas Family Law

One will quickly see how the awesome Republic US  has come to know the civil strife, domestic terrorism, and bear witness to the current despotic assault on the very families and innocent children this country’s highest institutions they were designed to protect, not only “on its face,” but also in correct and proper substance and meaning in accordance with the actual Federal US Constitution and Bill of Rights and with guaranteed natural law “inalienable” rights, freedoms, and liberties enumerated in The Declaration of Independence as the God-given, natural law implied rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” when one scrutinizes legal rhetoric and the improper relationships, as alleged, in the document one may view by clicking on the link above.

I submit the Continuing Legal Education (“C.L.E.”) presentation which was  written and “moderated” by Houston Attorney and “Adjutant General of Texas” (family law specialist and former judge), John Nichols, Sr. and which was “edited” and made “correct” by Harris County Judge Lisa A. Millard (310th judicial district court in Houston, Texas) to the real America, not the “new” America as the” new” America is bona fide Enemy of this great Republic US, as demonstrative evidence of “criminal enterprise” and syndicalism that the Federal Racketeering-Influenced Organized Crime Act, or statute (“R.I.C.O.”)– a single shining example as representative of so many more “model” “policies” and “unified” Courts and administrative, extra-judicial law that are currently endangering and abusing the Public Trust  and true “best interests” orbest practices” of responsible and “protective,” “safe,” real Leadership that is exercised by the majority of  highly competent, morally responsible, and God-fearing Individuals (“One Nation Under God) who demonstrate normal social behavior as opposed to abnormal and deviant perverted, constitutionally and manifestly unjust, tyrannical, depraved, narcissistic, discriminatory misconduct by all reasonable standards as constructed by and for real Americans and parents, “We the People” of this Republic US.

Sidebar: One native to Kentucky, as is the author of above-referenced presentation, surely remembers the Hatfields and McCoys, and surely recognizes that this fine Republic US was founded, on its face, by “rebels” and “revolutionaries” who brought diverse and exhilarating spirit to the land on which we currently reside or call home, as in home land.


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