Mother of Seven Year-old Daughter says she waited Fifteen Years to “Finally See Justice Served” on Judge Lisa Millard, Reportedly Took $20,000 Bribe

Mother Waited Fifteen Years to “See Justice Served” on Judge Lisa Millard,

Accused of Taking $20,000.00 Bribe to (Legally, but Unlawfully) Kidnap Seven Year-Old Girl


Judge Lisa A. Millard, 310th Judicial District Court of Harris County in Houston, Texas

Woe to You Pharisees” (The Holy Bible, Matthew 3:13-3:23, most versions).

Public Notice to Judge Lisa Millard and Conrad Moren: You have a well-established in law and in fact duty to recuse yourself from the “best interests” of my only child, with whom I have been allowed no meaningful contact in over two years because I did everything to protect my son that his doctor, CPS hotline workers, Pearland police officers, paramedics, and Texas Children’s Hospital personnel told me I had to do, or to otherwise risk jail time and fines for not allowing my son to report what either happened, or, in the alternative, was “coached” by private “play therapist”/sex therapist , a one Ms. Kimberly A. Abernethy of Houston, Texas, for Matthew James Worrell and his adulterous wife, Nancy Gray-Worrell (as per her own admission on court record in your court–the same court that granted her a divorce to have my son’s father move into her former marital home with her three small children.

Lisa Millard.Comment on bribe.petition to remove.06.24.14 001

Read the comments above from Mother of a Seven Year-Old Daughter who she claims Judge Lisa Millard took a $20,000.00 bribe/ judicial campaign donation (even though she always runs unopposed) through her ex-husband’s attorney.  “Waited Fifteen Years to See Justice Served,” says Victim Mother, Ms. Dawn Cooper;

Judge Lisa Millard apparently uses the “disrespectful” or “you’re interrupting” line as a pretext to hold easily targeted parties in alleged “contempt of court,” and to remove helpless mothers from the court for ex-parte conspiratorial collaboration with father, father’s attorney, and, in my case, with CPS and Prosecutor for the 310th court under Vince Ryan’s Office (County Attorney), who serves Judge Ed Emmett’s money-making Children’s Commissioner’s Court from which they all profit from the more children they take from fit parents so as to continue cycles of abuse with the bad parent (who almost always has access to way more resources and to discriminatory federal programs that teach them the custody switching scam) so as to keep valuable clients in the system for whom they can receive gobs of federal funding and kickbacks and referrals from “collaborative,” “interdisciplinary” pseudo-scienters and degenerate, incompetent guardian ad litems for children in the role of sinecure for highest campaign contributions to Judge Millard “community partners.”

Judge Millard repeatedly shouted at me in open court and on court record, both official and unofficial,  during 2012-2013 proceedings, “Do you understand that this is not a constitutional court,” and “We are past the Constitution now.”  I did not understand, for the record.

If one dares to reasonably and respectfully assert his or her constitutional rights, one will immediately be threatened with what could only be false imprisonment and her ominous and Johnny-on-the-Spot thug-life bailiff who, if he were a real man, would go after the alleged (in child’s words, NOT the mother’s) pedophile and sexually deviant pervert of a father that three police officers said that it was their opinion that “of course he did it” (referring to alleged victim’s father).  Is it possible that Judge Lisa Millard and CPS did not believe allegations that they refused to hear from child directly because they already knew that CPS licensed “play therapist”/sex therapist, Kim A. Abernethy of Houston, Texas was the one the father and his wife and family paid to “coach” my baby boy to utter those disgusting and filthy words to multiple first responders themselves?

I am also curious as to who may be able to comment on whether or not anyone has ever known any mothers in the last few years to emerge from Judge Lisa Millard,  I mean Conrad Moren, Donna Everson, William Sumpter Frazier, CPS, Child Advocates, Inc., and father’s opposing counsels’ courtroom, without being “removed,” threatened with “contempt of court,” sentenced for “contempt of court,”  without being accused of being “disrespectful,” or for having the wrong facial expression or too much preparatory papers and evidence for which there is no room to put it or even a chair or table for the parties, while wild dingo harpies from Hell (mostly very unprofessional, ignorant, uncouth, unhealthy and slovenly in appearance, by the way) run off with their child, and dignity  to subversively and under the color of “best interests” and “honest” services, generate dirty blood money for the “state” of Texas?

Judge Lisa Millard.pic with children

Judge Lisa Millard’s Next Victims?

If you and your child or family have been maliciously retaliated against, abused by this or any other judge,  and/or been re-victimized in a manner that shocks the conscience of any sane and intelligent individual while being subjected to, at minimum, “cruel and unusual punishment” without being accused or charged with a crime, please be real and courageous, and come forward by commenting and telling your story now.  How many more families does this judge have to destroy for money and job security?  Thank you so much, Ms. Cooper, for confirming what I already knew about this judge.  Know that you and your daughter were definitely not alone as helpless victims of this Pharisee of a “judge.”

Disclaimer:  This post is made in good faith and is intended only for educational purposes, for general knowledge, and/or entertainment purposes.  Furthermore, comments and opinions discussed herein are based on firsthand, actual knowledge and reasonable belief,direct testimony, and circumstantial evidence possessed by this blog’s author.

If anyone desires a correction and/or retraction, submit your certified/verified request(s) in writing  and signed in wet-ink with all supporting arguments and their factual and legal bases in addition to any and all controverting evidence.

Retaliation would be within character based on such depictions and allegations made in good faith.


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