Houston Father Clifford Hall Given 6 Months in Jail for Rogue Judge Lisa Millard, 310th Court, Harris County Texas


UPDATE:  Mr. Clifford Hall was purged from jail early because he was coerced into agreeing to pay a significantly higher amount in child support every month, although he did not get his job back whose mistake was at fault.

Judge Lisa Millard Strikes Again and Destroys Yet Another Parent and Child’s Life in Houston, Texas (“Woe Unto You Pharisees…”, The Holy Bible, Matthew 23.13-23.23)

Houston father, Clifford Hall, reports for six month jail sentence today in Houston, Texas (Harris County) as a direct result of his company, AT&T’s clerical error disbursing child support. Hall was the victim of unconstitutional and unnoticed child support and visitation modification by elected Judge Lisa Millard who presides over the 310th Court of Harris County and must sign final orders, as reported by Houston’s KHOU local news.  Click on the link above for details.  Please say prayers for Mr. Hall and his twelve year old little boy who Mr. Hall is too ashamed to want him to have to see his daddy in jail.  Hold rogue criminal judges responsible for their crimes against humanity and the public that helped elect them, or, rather, the possible “best practices” cheating as a rule that may or may not have gotten her elected.

One might call the 310th court and urge friends and family to do the same to let them know what the real America, not the new America, thinks about Millard’s repeated instances of corruption and emotional cruelty to children inflicted with malice, retaliation, and with knowledge of harmful consequences to children and parents, and also in contravention of  many constitutional and inalienable rights and the real best interests of children and families.  This judge is nothing more that a German Shepherd puppet who will do anything not to be held responsible as the fiduciary to the public she serves as executive trustee to alleged debt, even though Clifford Hall was the beneficiary.  I wonder if his attorney neglected or purposefully neglected to represent Hall as a beneficiary who might have claimed back his life from the “fictional entity” the court considered him to be without noticing him of such perceived status under “EQV” legal theory, “Estui Que Vie” (see menu to this blog for more information on “EQV” in Get Your Court Case Dismissed..), as reflected in decision.  Was this attorney competent?  Leave comments below.

Veritatem Dilexi–Through Truth, Knowledge


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