THE CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT ACT Including Adoption Opportunities and the Abandoned Infant Assistance Act
(CAPTA American Bar Association)

Source: CAPTA BAR,

To the Real Mummies and Daddies of the Real Republic America–Sovereign, “We the People,” US citizens endowed with the ” inalienable” and well-established  natural, divine law rights to “life, liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness” ( Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia, The Declaration of Independence, July 04, 1776):

Imagine my surprise when, as I was researching CAPTA online last evening, I discovered for the first time that the U.S. Federal Health and Human Services Department– Child Protective Services’ parent agency–appears to have taken over the BAR association.  Eureka!

So that must be why champions of justice and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights Attorneys Michelle McDonald (MN), Shawn McMillan (CA),  possibly Greg Hession (Mass.),  Stuart Cole and other  “Plaintiffs” of the California Coalition for Families and Children, are the only well-known attorneys and BAR members out of approximately 1, 128,729 (as reported by the American Bar Association in 2006)   who have been brave enough to take a stand and honor their constitutional oaths as officers of the court and true “protectors” of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights of the Republic US as incorporated and implied, not to mention protectors of justice, mercy, compassion (“weightier matters,” The Holy Bible, Matthew 23.13-23.23).  Thank you Michelle McDonald for sticking by Sandra Grazzini-Rucki in her time of need.  You have given the world of us hundreds and thousands, if not millions of parents nationwide who have been ruthlessly deprived of their children, as have our children been reciprocally deprived of their loving and fit parent(s) in what can only be described, inter alia, as  malicious and retaliatory kidnapping, legal, but unconstitutional, thus, unlawful.  This is a Holocaust.  For this reason, I post yet another document that everyone who loves the Republic US and freedom and liberty to think for oneself, especially parents and grandparents must read.  I implore you to put on your legal glasses and pretend you are an attorney defending hypothetical “bad guys.”  Read, read, and re-read this document if you do not believe we are in serious danger of being re-educated, killed, or thrown into FEMA death camps, experimented on, as are our precious children and young adults, or who are otherwise being selected for programming through exposure to sadistic torture in the same of science and technological advancement.

The taking of our  children, and our long-term responses to them was the beginning of a social experiment that is still playing out as they are placed with their abusers and to make your family a slave to the endless victimization and re-victimization inherently necessary for us to “need” their  costly and highly profitable to the government “collaborative” and “interdisciplinary” pseudo-scienter coerced services in order to fraudulently keep their money flowing in the form of Social Security Act’s Titles IV-A,  IV-D and Title IV-E, “safe” supervised access and visitation, child support enforcement on impoverished parent(s),  adoption, permanency incentives, etc.




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