What Happens to Good Judges: Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock to Bill Windsor, Lawless America

Watch and Listen to (Retired) (Hon.) Federal, US EEOC Judge Reveal What Happens to Good Judges in this Rare Interview with Bill Windsor of “Lawless America” (click on the following link or cut and paste into your browser, and if that does not work, then enter the link into the browser manually).

Also, be sure to grab a copy of (Ret.) Judge Bullock’s latest tell-all  autobiography that chronicles a life of beating the odds and suffering through unspeakable horrors in the realm of child sexual abuse titled, Judging Me.


Watch and listen to former law professor, Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock, who is also former Federal U.S. civil rights judge, tell her story, including what the “protectors” and “non-discriminators” at the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) may or may not have done to her brother in retaliation for her honesty and stellar work ethic.  If you think the government and the Judiciary is out to protect you and your rights, think again.  This is what happens when a rare gem of a person comes along, beats the odds, educates herself, and stands up for the public good to fight corruption and injustice…for real.  Ladies, being too smart or too pretty will always find its curse steeped in mediocrity and in the bad company of Society.  We do, however, have one comfort–sometimes we can be hard to kill (and really noisy when they try)–only by the grace and Glory of God! 

Link to Federal, US EEOC Judge, (Ret.) (Hon.) Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock’s site, Law Reform Network & Pro Per Litigation Network: www.lawreform.us/index.php/topic/25401-judge-mary-elizabeth-bullock/


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