“Boys for Sale,” Houston,Texas is the Worst Offender in the U.S.!

Do you know where your little boy or teenager is right now?  If not, your son could be in danger.  Experts agree that strong familial bonds and at least some religious foundations taught in the home make all the difference in saving America’s youth from the “Road to Perdition.”  Similarly, parents who kick their children out of the house open the door to forced prostitution. This piece details the plight of these such children of the streets.

Reportedly, Houston, Texas, and the State of Texas, along with New Orleans, Louisiana and Atlanta, Georgia, are just a few of the “worst cities in the U.S.” for boy prostitution.  Listen to former University of Texas history professor, Tom Philpott, and Mark McKinnon, speak on the subject in an interview in 1981.  Philpott and others insist that, as a group in general, corporate managers, judges, attorneys, doctors, and members of the clergy, psychologists, and anyone running a home for boys are some of the worst offenders…with the exception of America and Texas’ most elite elected officials and politicians.  How much worse is this problem,now, thirty years later?

Click on the following link to read more about Tom Philpott in an article from Texas Monthly, published in May 1982:  https://archive.org/details/TexasMonthlyMay1982-TomPhilpott-TheCaseOfTheCampusCrusader.






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