“Pseudologia Fantastica”- The Condition of Being a Pathological Liar

In this article, the Communist(as) appear to be bragging.

Court of Appeal, Superior Court and Supreme Court News

Pseudologia fantastica or in English terms a pathological liar is a phenomena that certain litigants experience in divorce proceedings. The impact is of course extreme as their “word” is taken as evidence although anyone familiar with said pathological liar is familiar with certain tells, like a nose twitch or certain mannerisms that give the lie away. Judges of course are not intimately acquainted with these tells as they have not lived with that person and no one ever asks that person for actual proof of the lie.   The scientific literature is filled with descriptions of what is considered to be the Pseudologia fantastica personality and some reviews recognize the relevance in legal proceedings.
Others have defined the personality behind the Pseudologia fantastica as abnormal where it is not the lie, but the liar that is abnormal, with the abnormality relating not to the nature of the lies told, but to the…

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