Moms Foot the Bill for Child Support–Nancy Redd of The Huffington Post Interviews Moms in Texas and Across the Nation

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Watch, listen, and learn from four moms in Texas, Maryland, and New York tell how family courts all across America are taking away children from fit mothers and ordering them to “foot the bill” for child support in bizarre, Orwellian orders and rulings, especially considering that many of these fathers are relatively wealthy.  Ironically, mothers are being rendered destitute with massive nationwide state legislation provoked by years of Father’s For Equal Rights lobbying groups, many of whom, logically did at some point suffer at the hands of family court abuse or fraud.

The problem, however, that has begun to surface in unprecedented numbers, includes  angry and retaliatory and/or selfish fathers who do not have the best interests of the child at heart.  They are abusing state legislation with the excuse that the purpose is to stimulate the economy by giving children to fathers, and taking them away from mothers who make a lot less money or who are unmarried.

Similarly, as a lot of children have been reported to have died horrendous deaths while in the custody of mothers with questionable or criminal boyfriends (especially as the mainstream media and television networks continue to exploit such situations while reporting none of the same tragedies that occur with men and/or their second families), the government has probably tired of lawsuits and negative media attention and urged a more cautious direction for the law in many states and in the  state judiciary.

This has also become a problem as such Malthusian and misogynistic policies and politics are harming more families, parents, families, and U.S. citizens than ever before.  Many experienced in this crooked and corrupt family court/divorce industry and cottage (un) professionals might draw the conclusion that many fathers use the system and legislation, or “social” and “economic” policy of individual states, just to get out of paying child support (which is ordered and enforced by the state regardless of the mother’s point-of-view or desires).

Many fathers have actually resorted to enlisting the aid of state and local police and “collaborative” policy with the courts and government to wrongfully imprison mothers or even call mobile psychiatric units for “hysterical” women and children.  State government actually solicits mothers via the Attorney General’s office and family courts.  Then, once they have a case, they solicit father’s to invoke the aid of third party, oftentimes, “faith-based” “community” organizations in their regional or local area to manipulate, misuse, and, frequently, abuse and commit fraud through federal “Responsible Fatherhood Grants” doled out by the Health and Human Services Department.

Please go to the following website and inform yourselves before it is too late to save your family.  Likewise, please comment on any of your own possible horror stories in the family court or child support arena after watching these interviews with the engaging Ms. Nancy Redd of The Huffington Post.

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